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Homeschoolers Confident They Can Sink Disability Convention

‘Activist judges’ could restrict homeschooling rights, warns group

Israeli Ambassador Slams Kerry: Not Wanted In Middle East

He doesn’t exactly have a history of success

Russia Sinks House of Cards At UN


Their worst Security Council veto yet

The Broken UN Human Rights Treaty Body System

Faithful attend the Easter mass led by Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican

United Nations bureaucrats take aim at the Vatican

More Than 50 Million Refugees For First Time Since WWII

South Sudanese refugees queue for breakfast at the Tzaipi refugee camp in Adjumani

‘The numbers represent a quantum leap in forced displacement around or world’

Japan to UN: Shove This Up Your Blowhole


Japanese PM vows to resume commercial whaling in defiance of UN ruling

UN Expected To Clear Vatican Of Torture Charges

A nun walks past statues on the colonnade of St. Peter's Square before the canonisation ceremony at the Vatican

‘Credible allegations of violations of the [UN] Convention [against Torture]‘

United Nations To Debate Ban On 'Killer Robots'

Hagel is briefed on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's ATLAS robot at the Pentagon in Washington

‘Ban them now, before it is too late’

UN Hauls In The Vatican Before Torture Panel

Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday mass at Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican

‘I urge the committee to resist the swelling tide of anti-Christian intolerance’

The answer to illiteracy might be in your pocket

A customer holds the "Vergatario II", the new cell phone fully assembled in Venezuela by Vtelca, in Caracas

UN study says cellphones may allow more people to read

UN says the world needs cap-and-trade, carbon taxes

Smoke billows from the chimneys of the Belchatow Power Station

‘We need to move away from business as usual’

Obama administration pressuring UN on global warming reports

President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington

White House, UK think cost estimates too ‘harsh’

Iran appoints suspected US Embassy hostage-taker as their UN ambassador

A United Nations logo and flag are seen during the U.N. General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York

‘There’ll not be any rapprochement with Iran until hostages are compensated for their torture’

Climate scientists release climate report to counter 'alarmist' UN claims

United Nations Climate Conference

‘Atmospheric carbon dioxide is not a pollutant’

Scientists pan 'alarmist' UN climate report, green groups cite in fundraising

U.S. Senators from the Senate Climate Action Task Force gather on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘We’re all sitting ducks’

UN climate panel claims it is the 'Hope for our Earth'

United Nations Climate Conference

See what else its controversial new report says

UN climate scientist wants his name removed from alarmist global warming report

blizzard Getty Images/Scott Olson

Richard Tol likens report to ‘the four horsemen of the apocalypse’

UN: Even freezing weather is proof of global warming

Several inches of fresh snow cover the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘Israel, Jordan, and Syria were struck by unprecedented snowfall’

United Nations: “Cause” of injury list to exaggerate risks of firearms

A security guard walks past the United Nations logo at the U.N. Headquarters in New York

US taxpayer dollars fund this boondoggle

Obama addresses Iranian people directly: 'You deserve better'

‘The economic hardship that so many Iranians have endured in recent years … because of the choices of Iranian leaders.’