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COSTLY COMMIE: You Won't Believe How Much West Point's Radical Marxist Cadet Cost Taxpayers

Education | Eric Owens
He did not pay a dime for his education and he even received a generous monthly stipend

West Point Knew FOR YEARS About Marxist Cadet. So Why Was He Allowed To Graduate?

Defense | Patrick Granger
'These are red flags that cannot be ignored'

This Video Shows The Insider Attack That Killed Three US Soldiers In Jordan

World | Russ Read
The attacker ambushed the soldiers

Army Computer Networks Face 'Tens To Hundreds Of Thousands' Hack Attempts Daily

National Security | Russ Read
'We have to be right ever single time, the attacker only has to be right once'

Two Handgun Companies Are Still Fighting Over An Army Contract Finalized Months Ago

US | Thomas Phippen
Glock claims Sig Sauer's pistol will put soldiers at risk

EXCLUSIVE: Tour The US Army Heritage And Education Center

US | Tim Young

Celebrate The Fourth Of July With These Epic Videos From The US Military

US | Russ Read
There's no better way to get into the patriotic spirit

Former Army Officer Celebrates July 4 By Competing In Hot Dog Eating Contest

US | Russ Read
Can he beat the famous Joey Chestnut?

Army Howitzer Trolls The World By Stamping Trump's Catchphrase On Its Gun

Defense | Amber Athey
It's gone global...

Trump's Troop 'Buildup' Includes Increases Passed Under Obama

Defense | Thomas Phippen
'This is a ruse'

Soldier Returning From Afghanistan Forced To Pay $200 United Airlines Fee

National Security | Russ Read
'It was just cold'

Genetic Male Bradley Manning Will Remain On Active Duty Outside Prison

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Army Releases Stunning Photo By Combat Photographer Moments Before Her Death

National Security | Russ Read
She captured the split second the mortar went off

Army General: Stopping ISIS's Flow Of Foreign Fighters 'Will Take Years'

National Security | Russ Read
'Most ethnically diverse'

A Startlingly Small Number Of US Forces Could Fight An Enemy Tonight, Says Army General

National Security | Russ Read
That's only 13,500 soldiers

Army Contracting Employee Charged With Accepting Bribes To Pay His Mortgage

US | Thomas Phippen
'Other favorable assistance'

Glock Really Doesn't Want The Army To Buy Sig Sauer Handguns

US | Thomas Phippen
Looks like the Army will have to wait a little longer for new sidearms

'Band Of Brothers' Veteran Edward Tipper Dies At 95

US | Russ Read
Tipper and his fellow soldiers were made famous by the HBO miniseries

US General: Russian Aid To Taliban In Afghanistan Is Increasing

National Security | Russ Read
Russia is actively undermining the US by supporting the Taliban

Top Military Officers 'Becoming More Bold' In Their Readiness Statements

National Security | Russ Read
Military leaders are not holding back on the poor state of military readiness

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