Real-Life Vampire Scare Kills At Least Eight

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‘They should come to the open’

Take People Who Think They Are VAMPIRES Seriously, Taxpayer-Funded Professor Urges

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Dracula Dead and Loving It/YouTube screenshot/Nizziny

Turns out Vampires prefer to ‘stay in the coffin’

'True Blood' Takes A Jab At Sen. Ted Cruz

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‘We can be a**holes’

'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' trailer released [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Honest Abe is an axe-wielding undead killer in new, historically inaccurate film

Is Nicolas Cage a vampire from the Civil War era? - ABC

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The ‘Ghost Rider’ actor bears resemblance to man in old photo

Vampire takes on bank [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Patrick Rogers of Philadelphia seemingly takes a break from nocturnal prowling to take on Wells Fargo

Slasher 'vampire' weirdo arrested in Russia - The Daily Mail

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Man stabbed women, licked their blood in St. Petersburg underground trains

A 'True Blood'-sucking - The Smoking Gun

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Arizonian Robert Maley was stabbed in the arm for refusing to allow his roommates to suck his blood…again

Vampires tie the knot - Us Magazine

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True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer wed Saturday evening at a private residence in Malibu, Calif.

Man kills roommate, drinks victim's blood - Tampa Tribune

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Mauricio Mendez Lopez was arrested for murder after imbibing grisly drink, believing it would keep police from finding him

Robert Pattinson distantly related to Dracula - People

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Genealogists believe the ‘Twilight’ vampire has ties to Vlad the Impaler