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Apple's Live-Stream Was A Complete Disaster

Company unveils the next generation of products over clunky, failing video feed

Take A Video Ride Down The World's Tallest Waterslide

140-feet, 62 m.p.h.

Video Captures Rare Twin Tornadoes Leveling Nebraska Town

‘By no means is it unprecedented. But we don’t see it often’

Watch This Epic Supercut Of Film's Greatest Table Flips

From Jesus to John Malkovich

These flying robots are 'about to make the internet explode'

Drones perform expert renditions of epic songs with real instruments

Can't make it to Alaska? Check out the Northern Lights in this stunning time-lapse video

‘There are some things in this world that everyone deserves to experience with their own eyes’

Little boy wants nothing to do with pushy little girl, dances on

Dance on, little man

Darling flight attendant wows easily pleased passengers with humor, wit

‘Nobody had to pay extra but you certainly don’t get a refund!’

Are you or someone you love a basic bitch? [VIDEO]

‘That’s some unoriginal ratchet s*** right there’

Angry driver gets a HUGE dose of karma

Proof that road rage karma is real and Florida drivers are THE worst

Superman dons a GoPro to give you the authentic 'Man of Steel' experience

Feel faster than a speeding bullet thanks to Superman’s first YouTube video

This guy hiked across California and captured the trip in one video

Three-second video shot of every location

Drunk airline passenger strips naked on tarmac

Man strips, pees on a wall, gets tasered

INSSSSSANE: Watch a decapitated snake BITE ITSELF!

Being decapitated really bit this snake in the ass

CORNY HEADLINE: Watch this hamster fit a whole baby corn cob in its mouth!

The internet is for corn

Ted Cruz's dad: Obama is 'just like' Castro

Speaking at a FreedomWorks event, Sen. Ted Cruz’s dad described Obama as ‘just like a dictator like Fidel Castro’

America's private video market success

Netflix-Postal Cuts.JPEG

Property-based, for-profit video models are vastly outperforming public not-for-profit models in the video market.

Wayne LaPierre responds to the State of the Union address - NRA

Wayne Responds

“And for our Second Amendment freedom, Mr. President, WE WILL STAND AND FIGHT!”