Did The Air Force COMPLETELY Forget About The Vietnam War?

Opinion | Grae Stafford

Because it sure seems that way.

Thousands Of Cats Saved From A Tasty Demise In Vietnam

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

May be killed by cops instead

50 Years After Gulf of Tonkin: We Now Know Vietnam Lost the Vietnam War

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Workers wave Vietnamese national flags during an anti-China protest at a Chinese shoe factory in Vietnam's northern Thai Binh province

Compared to South Korea or Japan, Vietnam is still a basket case.

China To U.S.: Stay Out Of Our Business

World | Justin Smith
China To U.S.: Stay Out Of Our Business

China is getting aggressive in the South China Sea

New Bill Aims To Add Names Of 'Lost 74' To Vietnam Veterans Memorial

US | Justin Smith
Visitors are reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall

‘We’re just trying to get recognition for our brothers’

South China Sea Standoff: The U.S. Must Get Off The Sidelines

Opinion | Paul Leaf
A Chinese coastguard vessel uses water cannon on a Vietnamese Sea Guard ship on the South China Sea near the Paracels islands

We should lift our ban on weapons sales to Vietnam and help them resist Chinese aggression.

MUST READ: Details of American POW's torture as revealed by a father to his son

US | James S. Denton
Jerry Denton

‘Tell Jane that I love her, but that I want her to remarry’

Christmas in Khe Sanh

Opinion | Bill Cowan
Obit Faas.JPEG

‘If you know a veteran, you might want to ask about one of his or her Christmases past. There’s probably a story waiting to be told.’

Major Collier’s immortals and their fight to the death - W. Thomas Smith Jr.

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear

A deserved Medal of Honor for South Carolina’s native son

What Hagel and Kerry learned from Vietnam

Opinion | Lanny Davis

The two Vietnam vets share a heavy aversion toward any US military intervention, especially on the ground, unless clear US national-security interests are at risk.

Pentagon lays fallen Vietnam soldiers to rest - TheDC

US | Melissa Quinn

‘They’ll move heaven and earth to find you’

How our 'do nothing' Congress can help US-China trade relations

Opinion | Scott Lincicome

There’s a simple solution to the problems caused by the administration’s current China policy.

Facebook unwelcome in Vietnam, but Zuckerberg OK - AP

Business | admin
Vietnam Asia People Zuckerberg

‘Vietnam may block its citizens from using Facebook, but that didn’t stop website founder Mark Zuckerberg from vacationing in the communist country’

Military Bible Code: The Star from the East in Vietnam - TheDC

Guns and Gear | Mike Piccione
Star of the East

It was the end of the day. The bloated bodies of the dead Vietnamese soldiers baked under the cruel equatorial sun and littered the jungle highland’s hillside surrounding Captain Larry’s position like rotting clumps of jellyfish spit up on a hot sandy beach.

The Obama campaign heads West - TheDC

Politics | Neil Munro

Obama will meet with the prime minsters of Russian and Japan before and then China’s leader

What would a victory in Afghanistan entail?

Opinion | Rick Manning

We’re making many of the same mistakes in Afghanistan that we made in Vietnam four decades ago.

Tour boat sinks in Vietnam; 12 dead from 9 nations - AP

World | admin

Vacationers from the U.S., Britain, Australia, Japan, Russia, France, Sweden and Switzerland have been confirmed dead

Nine morons dead after using a running car inside house to play music - AP

| interns

Dance party becomes fatal for 9 people who used a car to play music in their house after a power outage

The media's coverage of the Egypt crisis has been one-sided

Feature:Opinion | Wayne Allyn Root

How the media blew its coverage of the Egypt riots — and the lessons to be learned.