Germany Ends Unilateral Global Warming Policy As Green Utilities Lose Cash

Energy | Andrew Follett
A 500ml beaker filled with CO2 infront of a pile of money, representing the business interest behind the Global Warming scare ( / mikeledray)

‘I am firmly convinced that the path of national climate targets is wrong’

Top Carson Aide Wants Taxpayers To Fund Farrakhan

Washington Confidential | Evan Gahr

So much for small government

Daniel Pipes and the anti-Islam crowd's cries for attention sounding increasingly desperate

Opinion | Qasim Rashid

He certainly didn’t seem to care about the “inadvertent effects” on Muslims of bombing Iraq.

Holder derides Washington Times for editorial ripping his new 'targeted disabilities' policy - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Eric Holder

Paper says new hiring policy is affirmative action run amok, but attorney general says their complaints are ‘offensive’

We need a better measure of 'congressional futility'

Feature:Opinion | Jim Huffman

Congresses that pass few laws should be celebrated, not condemned.

Tina Fey blames low '30 Rock' ratings on Palin impersonation backlash - Washington Times

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

The ‘Bossypants’ author and comedienne claims her Palin imitation decreased ’30 Rock’ viewership

Tarnished Spider-Man brand may have Disney climbing the walls - Washington Times

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Disney feels after-effects of Spider-Man franchise’s weakened image

Lieberman on 'ridiculous' nature of shutdown [VIDEO] - Washington Times

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Elizabeth Glover of the Washington Times asks Sen. Joe Lieberman if the government shutdown was a secret plot engineered by members of Congress to have access to D.C. Cherry Blossoms

'Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton' host considers how founding fathers would react to society - Washington Times

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Richard Brookhiser, host of the PBS documentary ‘Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton,’ opines on how the founding fathers would respond to the debt crisis

'Sucker Punch' not punchy enough - Washington Times

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

The Washington Times’ Peter Suderman says ‘Sucker Punch’ could use a punchier, meatier plot

In 'Red Dawn' remake, wolverines surrender to China? - Washington Times

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Why producers of the new adaptation of ‘Red Dawn’ chose to cleanse the plot of Chinese invaders after film shooting had ended

Gadhafi probed to split Libya with rebels - Washington Times

Politics | Laura Donovan

Aides advising Gadhafi to crush the resistance and propose a division of the country with the rebels having the eastern portion

TheDC Morning: Washington's Funniest Celebrity tries new routine on 'This Week' - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Steele's tenure marked by strife - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Steele is, against all odds, running for reelection as chairman

Palin' around with Steele - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Is this the beginning of a Palin-Steele alliance?

Bahrain continues crackdown on Shi'ite opposition - Washington Times

World | Julia McClatchy (admin)

In the U.S.-allied Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain, where the Sunni-dominated government has arrested scores of Shi’ite opposition activists in recent weeks, many celebrated in fear

Washington Times sold for $1 to allies of Rev. Sun Myung Moon - U.S. News

Business | Julia McClatchy (admin)

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon is regaining control of the Washington Times after allies of the South Korean spiritual leader agreed to acquire the paper for just $1 and assumption of most if its debts

Harry Reid supported 'clarifying' the 14th Amendment - Washington Times

Politics | Pat McMahon

The Senate Majority Leader, despite bashing Republicans on the matter, wanted to revise the birthright citizenship clause in 1993

Researchers propose statin with fast food - Washington Times

| Chad Brady (admin)

British researchers are proposing that fast-food eateries dole out complimentary cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to offset their fatty cuisines

Bombers, missiles could end Iran nukes - Washington Times

World | Julia McClatchy (admin)

A Pentagon strike against Iran would rely heavily on the B-2 bomber and cruise missiles to try to destroy the regime’s ability to make nuclear weapons, analysts say