Man Accused Of Force Feeding Ex-Girlfriend Xanax And Fentanyl In Attempted Murder

US | Steve Birr
Drug heroin, syringes, pills and dollar money on black background. Crime and addiction concept. natali_ploskaya/Shutterstock

‘I believe he was trying to kill me’

3.5 Million Argentinians Flood The Streets To Rally For Life

World | Grace Carr
Huge crowd marching (Shutterstock/ michelmond)

‘Protect them both’

A Bicyclist Got Eaten By A Cougar This Weekend. Here Are The Wild Details

US | Jena Greene
mountain lion, cougar, puma on a rocky ledge with mountains in the background (SHUTTERSTOCK: By Warren Metcalf)

Authorities have no idea why he was attacked

Bootleggers And Baptists: Time To Cut Spending In Washington

op-ed | Ron Hart
Whiskey And Tequila Continue To Increase Market Share Over Beer Within U.S.

There are so many areas the government could cut waste

Human Feet Keep Washing Up On Shore And Nobody Knows Why

World | Tim Pearce
Garra rufa obtusas, also known as "doctor fish", swim around the foot of a man as he relaxes in a hot spa pool in Kangal

‘Quite suspicious’

DNA Evidence Leads To Suspect's Arrest For Strangling 13-Year-Old Girl In 1986

US | Nick Givas
Forensic Evidence - ShutterStock By igorstevanovic | DNA Evidence Avails Arrest Decades Later

‘Extremely happy that it’s been solved’

Here's The Law Firm That Could Make MILLIONS Off The Latest Climate Lawsuit

Energy | Michael Bastasch

‘Hundreds of millions of dollars’

Washington Joins Growing List Of Locals Suing Oil Companies Over Climate Change

Energy | Chris White
OSLO - SEPTEMBER 21: Men hold a sign reading, "There Is No Planet B", as thousands march through downtown Oslo, Norway, to support action on global climate change, September 21, 2014. Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ | Washington Joins Climate Crusade

‘Seek to impose liability on Defendants’

Guilty: Student Attacked Principal With Wooden Staff And Spear

US | Gabrielle Okun
A high school student from Washington state pleaded guilty for attacking his principal with a wooden staff and a spear of glass, Shutterstock/ RiStock

‘Nobody is immune to school violence’