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Video Captures Rare Twin Tornadoes Leveling Nebraska Town

‘By no means is it unprecedented. But we don’t see it often’

Incredible 'Mothership' Thunderstorm Mounts In Must-See Video

With a Shakira soundtrack

Winter weather BOMB slated to freeze and bury East Coast

After finishing an overnight shift, a worker clears the snow from his car at the U.S. Capitol in Washington
'Nor'easter bomb indicated off the mid-Atlantic coast late Tuesday night'

Weather Channel video bomber gets kick to the nuts

And it is awesome

City of Loafers: Snowfall brings out true Washington spirit


Everything closes as snow falls; rest of America still open for business

Fox News tops The Weather Channel on Okla. tornado coverage

Oklahoma Tornado.JPEG
Cable news juggernaut also tops CNN, MSNBC with breaking news coverage of the severe weather outbreak

Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol - TheDC

Marine protecting presidential pate from rain was in violation of uniform guidelines

Weather lady says Valentine's Day forecast will be 'slow and slutty' [VIDEO]

Local news bloopers are the greatest

Taxes matter more than sunshine

Tax rates have more of an effect on migration patterns than weather.

High winds, rain, hit South; at least 7 killed - AP

Severe storms whip through southern states and take lives

Japan to spray water, acid on stricken nuke plant - AP

Japan struggles to contain the spiraling crisis caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami

Snow-buried states brace for another round - AP

Schools close as blizzard moves in on South and Midwest states

Poll: Frisky folks choose snuggling over Snuggies - AP

For some, the love life picks up when it’s cold outside

Krauthammer, Thomas spar over global warming as cause of this year's extreme winter weather - TheDC

‘If Godzilla were on the Mall this afternoon, Al Gore would say it’s global warming,’ says Krauthammer

Snow snarls flights to Super Bowl - AP

Winter weather cause hundreds of inbound flights to be canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Central U.S. to face winter nightmare - CNN

Major winter storm bringing snow, ice, tornadoes to central U.S.

Menacing winter storm gears up across the US - AP

A massive winter storm is set to hit Midwestern and Plain states this week

N.J. county uses pickle juice to melt snow - TIME

Stuck in a financial pickle during winter months, Bergen County, N.J. residents opt for pickle juice to melt snow

Hillary's foot-in-mouth moment as a climate scientist

Last summer, Clinton said that Pakistan’s devastating floods were the result of global warming. This week, she was proven wrong.

Snow piles up on snow-weary Northeast - AP

Commuters up and down the East Coast began the all-too-familiar task of digging out cars