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The White House Tried To Get Bill Nye The Science Guy To Sell Obamacare

With stereotypical nerd talk, of course

Snoop Dogg Got Really High At The White House

(Photo: YouTube)

Watch the story of how the rapper got weed past the ‘alphabet boys’

Congressman Pushes Legislation To Stop White House From Renovating Its Bowling Alley

Photo Credit:

‘With our nation $17 trillion in debt, upgrading the President’s private bowling alley shouldn’t be a priority’

White House Declines To Help Tesla Beat State Laws, Sell Cars Direct

A sign is shown in the window of a Tesla Model S electric automobile at a Tesla Motors showroom at Corte Madera Village, an outdoor retail mall, in Corte Madera

‘We understand that pre-empting current state laws on direct-to-consumer auto sales would require an act of Congress’

White House On Border Crisis: It's An 'Emerging Situation'

Fox: ‘Is this an attempt to dial it back?’

Fans Petition To Rename Reagan Airport After Soccer Player

Photo courtesy Goal News.

‘We politely request that we rename the airport to recognize his accomplishments’

Gender Pay Gap Thriving In Obama's White House

Obama National Security.JPEG

No changes there

White House Dismisses GOP 'Conspiracy Theories' On Missing IRS Emails

‘The fact of the matter is we’ve cooperated extensively’

IRS SCANDAL: Issa Calls White House Attorney To Testify

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Rep. Issa listens to his staff member during the Committee hearing on "Examining the IRS Response to the Targeting Scandal" on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘In this position, you had a direct and substantial role in the IRS’ response’

Senate Report: White House Politics Set Off Debacle

Obama admin ‘prioritized political success over protecting taxpayer dollars’

Law Professor: White House 'Heading Into A Buzzsaw' If Obama Defies Congress Over Bergdahl

‘There is a law that’s been violated’

NBC's Chuck Todd: White House Expected 'Euphoria' After Bergdahl Release

‘Caught off guard’

Time To Panic: Troubled White House Brings In Crisis Control Expert

President Obama

New counsel has helped IRS, HHS navigate scandals

Obama Does A Good Deed

Who can resist his charms?

Naked Man Storms White House Security Checkpoint



White House 'Strongly Supports' USA Freedom Act To Overhaul NSA

Handout photograph shows U.S. President Obama meeting with National Security staff in the Oval Office in the White House in Washington

‘The administration supports swift House passage of the USA FREEDOM Act, and urges the Senate to follow suit’

Carney Hits Back At Press

Says the reporting is wrong

White House Installs And Turns On New Solar Panels

President turns on White House solar as part of administration’s ‘Climate Action Plan’

No Trial? No Jury? No Witnesses? No Attorney? Student Expelled Anyway


‘Lacked fundamental fairness, was reckless, arbitrary and capricious’