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Meet The KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Who Attacked Scott Walker Signs At A County Fair

The 38-year-old teacher then lost a chase to 62-year-old woman in hot pursuit

Wisconsin Ruling Leaves Grim Landscape For Teachers Unions

Wisconsin teachers union Getty Images/Mark Hirsch

‘People take this personally, not as a union issue’

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Collective Bargaining Law

Wisconsin Governor Walker speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Spring Leadership Meeting at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

A win for Scott Walker

Two More Governors Want Common Core Out

Wisconsin Governor Walker speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Spring Leadership Meeting at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

Scott Walker demands repeal

Sex, Death And Luggage: Wisconsin Man Caught With Womens' Bodies In Suitcases

Steven Zelich of Wisconsin may be charged with two counts of hiding a corpse

Feds Sue Company For Requiring Its Employees To Speak English

Say it ‘violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964′

Scott Walker Is NOT Being Investigated, Prosecutor Clarifies

Wisconisn Governor Scott Walker gestures as he addresses the second session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa

‘It is not such a finding’

Wisconsin Sends Bureaucrats To WHITE PRIVILEGE CONFERENCE On Taxpayers' Dime

Ethan Krupp pajama boy YouTube screenshot/Listitude

You won’t believe the excuse

Democratic Assemblyman Dressed In Confederate Uniform Confronted By Black GOP Delegate

‘A minority in the GOP is like a chicken at Colonel Sanders’ house’

HORROR: Pregnant woman gang-raped in vicious Wisconsin home invasion


‘[T]his is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes I have ever seen’

FREEZING: In Wisconsin, boiling water turns into snow!

‘If you’re under 40, you’ve not seen this stuff before’

In Wisconsin, Big Chief Walker signs new Indian mascot bill

Scott Walker Wisconsin

Critics including ACLU squawk like angry magpie, have sickness in head cannot fix with medicine

Caught on camera: Watch this 90-car pileup keep getting worse and worse

The pileup lasted 10 minutes and caused at least three fatalities

Why Scott Walker thinks governors make better presidents

Scott Walker Wisconsin

Walker just happens to be a governor

New revelations in the Scott Walker witch hunt

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a recall election, arrives to cast his vote on Election Day in Wauwatosa

Lawsuit alleges no basis for ‘John Doe’ probe

Scott Walker reserves judgment about new Democratic attack

Govs. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker in May 2012. Darren Hauck/Getty Images.

‘The timing of the story itself seemed odd’

Check out this in-air video of a fiery mid-air plane crash

‘We were all very, very lucky’

Leftist geography professor at taxpayer-funded university rails at students over shutdown

Rachel Slocum email. Photo: UW Lacrosse, Media Trackers

‘Please don’t forward my emails to conservative blogs’

Honor the victims of 9/11 with a round of golf for just $19.11!

Tumbledown Trails ad

A Wisconsin golf course is offering commemorative 9/11 discounts