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Safe Shopping


How to buy a gun safe

Ann Y. Smith Becomes First Woman Editor In 130 Years At American Rifleman


Congrats Ann!

.410 Slugs For Deer Hunting?

balistic gel

Why or why not? More muzzle energy than suitable handguns.

Know What The Police Know: Force Option Often Overlooked

light for defense

Use this technique to dominate attackers

Julie Golob: Digging Deep – 2014 Bianchi Cup Comeback


Great article from a champion on what it will take to come back from a missed year.

Hunting Texas Hogs In The Dark

hog hunting

“Cruising a ranch, lights out, in darkness, perched in back of a pickup wearing NVGs”

Defensive Carry: Coming to Grips

Bullets in grip

Grips that hold ammo? Yes indeed.

Surviving the Task Force Dagger 3 Gun Match

three gun match

One of the toughest courses in the country

Is High-Velocity Ammunition Worth It for Handguns?

High-Velocity-Ammunition and gun

With this ammo at a buck a shot it better be good

Basic home protection

home defense safety

Firearms, locks, escape plans – all this is your responsibility

Regrets and the guns you should never have traded

masterpiece smith wesson

Think back on the guns you have let go

Explained: The three types of custom rifle barrels


How a steel rod gets an interior twist

7 handgun loading aids — Making life easier, 1 round at a time


Faster loading and easier on the thumbs

Mia Anstine joins editorial ranks at Women’s Outdoor News

mia shotgun daisy

Welcome Mia – hunt, fish, shoot, she has it covered

Ammo Review: The .45 G.A.P.

45 gap

It has its merits but did anyone buy a gun chambered for the .45 G.A.P.

Remington Arms announces product recall

Remington Recall 700

Recall of Model 700™ and Model Seven™ rifles with X-Mark Pro® (“XMP®”) triggers

Getting the most from your .44 Magnum revolver

revolvers 44 mag

It is all about the ammo in your 44 Mag

Questions to ask before hunting abroad

NSSF Hunting image

Read this before you spend a fortune to hunt outside the USA

VIDEO: Sight in your rifle with two shots


Incredibly simple way to get on target easily explained

Duck Commander guns & gear giveaway

TV-Duck Dynasty.JPEG

GUNS Magazine is giving away….you guessed it, guns!