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Last-Minute Aoudad


The hunt for a 34-inch aoudad sheep comes down to the wire as the sun sets over West Texas.

The Great New Mexico Bear Chase

bear hunting draper

Bruins with a .300 Blackout

DIVA WOW Hosts First ‘How To Select A CHL Holster’ Clinic


‘Forty-six women showed up with guns and ammo’

Julie Golob: 5 Tips For Transitioning To Heavier Triggers


Advice from the shooter that obliterates the X ring

4 Ways To Know Where You Can Go – On Orienteering And GPS Hunting Maps


Don’t get caught trespassing, even by accident

Mastery Of Metals: Federal HST And Guard Dog Loads

Federal HST

Thorough review of two distinct Federal loads for personal and home defense

Eight Things Nobody Told You About Hunting


Too many folks just don’t go into the woods anymore

The Bongo Hunt: Cameroon, No Place for Amatuers

Bongo hunt shooting channel

Hot, humid, insect infested conditions in a jungle is a test of will

7 Things Dad Probably Doesn’t Want For Father’s Day


And the better alternative

5 Things You Need To Know About Personal-Defense Ammunition


A basic ammo primer for you new shooters

Tips, Tricks And Gear For International Travel — How To Protect Your Hunting Rifle


Get your gun through TSA and to the destination

Glocks And Little Green Army Men


What goes into the construction of a polymer handgun frame?

5 Items For Camping With Your Children


Leave the video games at home

Safe Shopping


How to buy a gun safe

Ann Y. Smith Becomes First Woman Editor In 130 Years At American Rifleman


Congrats Ann!

.410 Slugs For Deer Hunting?

balistic gel

Why or why not? More muzzle energy than suitable handguns.

Know What The Police Know: Force Option Often Overlooked

light for defense

Use this technique to dominate attackers

Julie Golob: Digging Deep – 2014 Bianchi Cup Comeback


Great article from a champion on what it will take to come back from a missed year.

Hunting Texas Hogs In The Dark

hog hunting

“Cruising a ranch, lights out, in darkness, perched in back of a pickup wearing NVGs”

Defensive Carry: Coming to Grips

Bullets in grip

Grips that hold ammo? Yes indeed.