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COULTER: Eyes On The Prize


‘Why shouldn’t Cochran ask black people for their votes in a primary?’

COULTER: Happy 30th Birthday, Central American Humanitarian Crisis

Ann Coulter

‘The Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill would have made this crisis 10,000 times worse than it already is.’

COULTER: Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore


Chris McDaniel should give it up.

COULTER: Soccer: Part Deux


‘Soccer fans have decided to prove me wrong about soccer being a fruity sport by spending the last week throwing hissy fits.’

COULTER: America's Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer


‘Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.’

COULTER: You Bet This Is Swiftboating


The troops are telling the truth about Bergdahl, just like they did with Kerry.

COULTER: Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters


Liberals want Brat’s victory to be seen as a win for the tea party, and not a defeat for amnesty.

COULTER: Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts


The soldier wasn’t left behind, he was left right where he wanted to be.

COULTER: Don't Stigmatize Murderers!


Allowing Elliot Rodger to refuse medication was our biggest mistake.

COULTER: Statistical Analysis Shows 4 Percent Of New York Times Reporters Are Serial Killers


Statistics about the innocently executed are baloney

COULTER: Death Penalty Opponents: Have I Got A Deal For You!


Liberals’ dead earnestness about monsters like Clayton Lockett is solely to demonstrate how virtuous they are.

COULTER: Lockett And Load


Meet the murderer whose execution liberals are very concerned about

COULTER: A Man Of Sterling Character


Donald Sterling has a wife!?!?

COULTER: What you won't read in the papers about the 'Central Park Five'


Liberals are opposed to rape in the abstract, but when it comes to actual rapists, they’re all for them.

COULTER: Back any candidate you want as long as it's one of these three

Ann Coulter

‘Brannon, Roche and Brat are the candidates true patriots should support with everything they have.’

COULTER: Competition for thee, but not for me

People Coulter.JPEG

‘I would think that this country’s open-door policy toward terrorists would be of some concern to the owner of any Las Vegas casino’

COULTER: Millionaires need your help!

Ann Coulter

Here’s an idea: How about a law mandating employers of illegal aliens take responsibility for the people they hire?

COULTER: Screw you, Mickey Kaus


It’s not “insurance” when what I want to insure against isn’t covered, but paying for other people’s health care needs is mandatory.

COULTER: People don't change -- neither does the New York Times


The paper of record has been proclaiming the end of the culture war since 1988.

COULTER: Right-wing mobs? Say it isn't so, conservatives!

Ann Coulter

Mitch McConnell is more solid than Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan, so why does talk radio and the tea party hate him?