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Precision guided firearms from TrackingPoint and Remington - Women's Outdoor News


TrackingPoint can give you a sure 1,200 yard hit

Gun Test: Bergara Long-range Hunter BCR15 - American Rifleman


One ragged hole groups and Jarhead designed

UZI Pro Pistols have arrived in the U.S.A. - Industry News


UZI Pro comes with a 20 & 25 round mag and will set you back about a grand.

From tactical to field: Hunting wild hogs the Mossberg way - Gun Digest


3 slugs touching at 100 meters – you have to see this Mossberg perform

How to become a champion shooter - Women's Outdoor News


This world champ did not start competitive shooting until age 45

Build your own AR from scratch - American Rifleman

build your ar from scratch

You’ve thought about it, here is how to get it done

Gun Review: Barrett MRAD - Gun Digest


The smallest group went 0.293-inch

The 30-second AR-15 dependability checklist - Gun Digest


Four steps to check your AR-15

Squeeze out accuracy with these 12 AR-15 triggers - Gun Digest


Is a new AR-15 trigger worth the money?

.308 Winchester: A top survival ammunition choice - Living Ready


Most folks make the argument for the .22 rimfire – go bigger

6 Accessories to deck out your AR-15 - Gun Digest

AR-15 outfitted with a SilencerCo Specwar suppressor on its muzzle.

Trick out your AR-15 and improve its performance

Weatherby remembers Chris Kyle - American Rifleman


Weathrby will make 26 rifles in .300 Win. Mag

Gun Test: SIG 556 SWAT Patrol - GUNS Magazine

SIG 556 swat

SIG 556 is closer to the Kalashnikov in actual operating method

The Kriss Vector 45 ACP carbine - GUNS Magazine


The modern Tommy Gun

The ever-evolving M24 sniper rifle - Gun Digest

The latest rendition of the M24 is the XM2010. This space age-looking rifle is built on the M24’s original Model 700 long action, but is chambered for .300 Win. Mag. It features a fully adjustable and folding stock known as the Remington Arms Chassis System (RACS), suppressor, and magazine. The optics have also been upgraded to the Leupold 6.5-20x50mm variable power first focal plane scope.

One shot – one kill

3 AR-style rifles ready for 3-gun - Gun Digest


Insanely accurate ARs for competition, target, two and four legged varmints

Getting started in 3-gun matches - Women's Outdoor News


3-gun is one of the most equipment-intensive shooting sports in existence

Field Test: Smith & Wesson M&P-10 - American Hunter


We went past the range to take this big game hunting

ArmaLite acquired by Strategic Armory Corps - Industry News

ArmaLite logo sm.pdf

ArmaLite put the AR in AR-15

Gun Test: Nosler Varmageddon rifle package - American Rifleman

Nosler Varmegeddon

Nosler joins a Novaseke rifle, Leupold scope, Magpul stock and it even comes with two boxes of ammo