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Surviving the active shooter and the police


When a bad guy is armed, “Do not waste time trying to talk him down.”

Concealed Carry Reciprocity: Practical advice before you travel


“Many cops will not know if your out-of-state permit is valid in their jurisdiction”

Gun Review: Beretta PX4 Storm


Three reasons why the Storm is a great carry gun

Gun Review: Taurus PT 1911 AL-R

Taurus PT 1911 AL-R

File this 1911 under “Unsung handgun heroes”

Gun Test: North American Arms Guardian


One if the best pocket guns ever made

Smith & Wesson now shipping M&P Shield pistols to California

S&W shield

These 9mm and .40 S&W pistols will not be microstamped

Gun Test: Smith & Wesson Model 351C


This S&W is only 11 ounces and easy to conceal but do you trust a .22 WMR for concealed carry?

Bugout bag boomers

bug out boomers

Proper iron for when you have to hit the road!

Gun Test: Taurus CTG29


Ultimate home-defense carbine

Cover as a tactical advantage in a gunfight


What to consider before and during the shooting

Gun Test: Remington R51 [Video]

remington 51

This Remington is the hottest pistol on the market

Gun Test: Colt’s Mustang XPS .380 ACP


Everyone makes a plastic .380. What makes this one better?

The shooting stopped, now what do I do?

holster shooting channel

Practice this method to stay in the fight

Concealed Carry: What to do if you are “Made”

concealed carry

“You got a permit for that?”

Safe at Home: Delaware Supreme Court upholds right to bear arms for tenants of public housing

Public Housing New Neighbors.JPEG

Tenants no longer treated as second class citizens for Second Amendment rights

Crime creates gun owners

Cup of coffee

Coffee shop buys gun for employees after crime spree!

Gear Test: Brad Thor Alpha Jacket takes concealed carry to the next level

brad thor lead

Just file this under ‘Stuff We Like’

“U.S. Pistol, M9″ Beretta Model 92FS

beretta m9

Our soldier’s gun. 4.2 million Beretta M-9s made and still going strong.

Ayoob on Home Defense: Handguns and lights

Mass handguns and lights

What gives you the tactical advantage inside your home?

Three cheers for the .380

380-Pistols ppk

.380; better bullets, better ammo, what’s not to like