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'The Smart Sprinkler' (On Sale Today) Will Save You Money And Also Save Your Plants

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
YouTube screenshot/Rachio

Save up to 50 percent on your watering bill

You'll Clove This Garlic Press

Daily Dealer | Meghan Marsh
Look at that freshly minced garlic (Photo via Amazon)

It is nearly 80 percent off

Everyone's Talking About Sous Vide, And Now You Can Try Cooking That Way

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This girl knows what's up with sous vide (Photo via Amazon)

The #1 new release is $65 off

This One-Day-Only Deal On Cookware Includes The #1 Most Popular Set

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This comes as part of the bestselling cookware set (Photo via Amazon)

Cookware is ridiculously expensive

Get Your Cold Brew Fix By Supporting Vets

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
These girls love cold brew (Photo via Amazon)

This will save you a Starbuck trip and also give money to Wounded Warriors

This Go-Anywhere Table Is A #1 Bestseller And Over Half Off

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Perfect for outdoor decor (Photo via Amazon)

Perfect for any outdoor space

Restore Your Clothing To Brand New With This On-Sale Tool

Daily Dealer | Meghan Marsh
How did we survive without this tool? (Photo via Amazon)

Your old sweater can become a whole new sweater, for just $11. 

Amazon Tap Is The More Secure Echo And It Is $50 Off

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
The Tap is the more secure version of the Echo (Photo via Amazon)

The benefits of the Echo without the privacy issues

FLASH DEAL: This Popular Desk Lamp Is 45 Percent Off, And It Probably Won't Last All 5 Hours

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This lamp is very popular (Photo via Amazon)

Get it before Amazon runs out

Make Your Autumn More A-Peeling With This On-Sale Device

Daily Dealer | Meghan Marsh
This device is so much safer than knives (Photo via Amazon)

I own this device and I can tell you right now, you need one too

These 7 Car Mounts Will Hold Up Your Phone While Driving Or Riding A Bike

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This is just one of the 7 car mounts on sale (Photo via Amazon)

And they are up to 76 percent off today

You Can Save $70 On A Ninja Coffee Maker Today, So That's Pretty Cool

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
There are so many coffee options with the Ninja coffee bar brewer (Photo via Amazon)

Once you go Ninja, you never go back

FLASH DEAL: This Desk Lamp Is A #1 New Release, And It's On Sale For The Next 5 Hours

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This deal expires in 5 hours (Photo via Amazon)

‘Love this lamp’

Four Of The Most Popular Hand Tools Around Are On Sale Today

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This is the bar clamp (Photo via Amazon)

Includes clamps, screw extractors and a wire stripper

These #1 Bestselling Bluetooth Headphones Are On Sale For Just 20 Bucks Today

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
These offer comfort and secure fit (Photo via Amazon)

Sixty percent off

Might As Well Add This Kershaw To Your EDC Rotation As Long As It Is On Sale

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
You can never have too many knives (Photo via Amazon)

$15, today only

I Recommend Getting New Bedsheets, Since A Ton Of Options Are 60 Percent Off

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Wake up to a beautiful morning (Photo via Amazon)

The season of summer night sweats is ending

This Vacuum By SharkNinja (Makers Of The Best Blenders) Is $50 Off

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Upright vacuum (Photo via Amazon)

You just don’t find vacuums this good or well-received for only $150

This Machine Enrages Palestinians And Turns Water Into Soda

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
April 7, 2017 Sodastream Corporate Offices (Photo via Shutterstock)

SodaStreams are on sale, today only

Take Your Hot Food And Drinks Anywhere With This One-Day Deal On Thermoses

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This is a Thermos (Photo via Amazon)

Winter is coming