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If voters had known they might lose their insurance, Romney would have won

Alexis Levinson

Twenty-three percent of Obama voters said they would not have voted to re-elect them had they known

Washington high school censors pro-life group, promotes gay group

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.04.46 PM
Gay Straight Alliance has been allowed to participate in the kinds of activities denied to Students for Life

Markey: Sequester not as big a deal as global warming

Edward Markey

‘If our planet goes over the climate cliff, we will plunge into an abyss’

Zuckerberg Buys Beltway Fakery

Turner mocks Sanford in new ad: 'Sugar, just give me one more chance?'

Teddy Turner

‘I’ll keep my promises this time. It’ll be different. I’m sorry for all the mistakes I’ve made’

Markey compares Citizens United decision to Dred Scott

Ed Markey

‘The Dred Scott decision had to be repealed, we have to repeal Citizens United’

Local politicians campaign with viral 'Harlem Shake' meme [VIDEO]

‘Pepsi has done it, the Today Show has done it and now we’re doing the Harlem Shake!’

Vendor says Steelman has grown unresponsive about campaign debt repayment

Sarah Steelman

Former Missouri Senate candidate owes $875,000 to vendors

Tagg Romney 'considering a run' for Senate in Massachusetts

Tagg Romney

Mitt’s son has ‘statewide name recognition and could quickly ramp up’ campaign

Conservative group ForAmerica targets McConnell in new ad - TheDC

Mitch McConnell

‘Kentucky elected Rand Paul; McConnell should be very concerned’

Nate Silver: 'Groupthink and perverse incentives' doomed Romney's polling efforts

Barack Obama 2012

‘To the extent their polling or analysis was bad, it flowed from that’

Booker will explore 2014 Senate run

NJ Senate Race Booker

‘I look forward to consulting with Sen. Lautenberg’

Sen. Lautenberg says will address Booker announcement 'next year' - TheDC

Cory Booker Future

‘This is not the time for political distractions, and the senator will address politics next year’

Charlie Crist: 'No timeframe' for decision on gubernatorial run - TheDC

Crist Democratic Pary

‘You know, I’m just doing what I think and feel is right’

Sen. Bennet accepts DSCC chairmanship - TheDC

Michael Bennet

‘This will not be an easy job’

Group-home staff took illiterate, developmentally disabled resident to vote - TheDC

Voting during the presidential election/Getty Images

Patient’s father: ‘She is not capable of making an informed choice’

Mike Rounds to announce 2014 Senate run in South Dakota

Mike Rounds

‘We need to become a country of cooperation instead of confrontation’

96 percent of Ivy League presidential donations were for Obama

Barack Obama

Ivy League schools donated over $1.2 million to Obama, $114,166 to Romney

Ashley Judd's grandma happy with McConnell, despite actress' potential bid - TheDC

Ashley Judd

‘I think Mitch has done more for Ashland than anybody else’

Marco Rubio may have some big 2016 competition

Rand Paul

‘Am I interested in thinking about that? Yes’

Michael Barone reflects on his prediction of a Romney landslide - TheDC

‘I expected to see in Ohio, for example, what I saw in 2004′

Obama campaign manager saw supposed threat in Huntsman candidacy

Huntsman 2012

‘Huntsman would have been a tough general election campaign’

Suspected Romney tax-return hacker appeals for legal funds

Mitt Romney 2012

Leaked court documents show computers seized, DNA taken, but no arrests made