The Trailer For Woody Harrelson's New Movie Is Incredibly Intense [VIDEO]

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck and Kate Winslet star in the new cop-heist thriller

Kim Kardashian: 'Being Pregnant Is The Worst Experience Of My Life'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kim Kardashian hates being pregnant

Her ankles are HUGE

Rihanna's Nude Photos Are NSFW [PHOTOS]

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Rihanna poses nude for November Vanity Fair

Here’s why she took it all off

Rihanna Praises Rachel Dolezal: 'She's A Hero'

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Rihanna praises Rachel Dolezal

Actress applauds her for pretending to be black

Has The Ultimate Kardashian Booty Secret Finally Been Revealed?

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Kylie Jenner dyes her hair blonde

The evidence doesn’t lie

Gwyneth Paltrow Says It Feels 'Sh*tty' To Get Paid Less Than Men

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Gwyneth Paltrow says the wage gap is painful

Actress criticizes big actor

The New Details About Jim Carrey's Girlfriend's Suicide Are Shocking

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Jim Carrey's girlfriend commits suicide

Was there another guy?

Phot-Obama'd: Pic Of Michelle Fixing Barack's Tie Gets Gut-Busting, Photoshop Makeover

Entertainment | Christian Datoc
'Phot-Obama': Picture Of Michelle Fixing Barack's Tie Gets Hilarious Photoshop Treatment (Reddit)

Check out a SLIDESHOW of the funniest edits

These Celebrities Have Piercings In Strange Places

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

They put metal where?!

Tom Cruise Skipped His Own Daughter's Wedding --- But Why?

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Tom Cruise skips daughter's wedding

Does he have a good reason?

Another Celebrity Gets Her Nipple Pierced -- See Who It Is This Time [PHOTOS]

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Bella Hadid gets her nipple pierced

Now Kendall and Kylie Jenner aren’t the only ones

Here's Why Heidi Klum's Naked Body Is Being Covered In Slime

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Heidi Klum's naked body gets covered in slime

This is bizarre

Michael Moore Thinks Lack Of Women Directors Is Form Of 'Apartheid' By White Men

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Michael Moore criticizes Hollywood for lack of diversity

‘White men have the reins’

Nicole Kidman's Shocking Comments About Filming Sex Scenes [PHOTOS]

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Nicole Kidman talks about filming sex scenes in new interview.

Actress strips down to lingerie for new shoot

Madonna's Underage Daughter Caught Doing Something Very Illegal

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Any other teen would be arrested for this

'Modern Family' Star Feels 'Amazing' After Breast Reduction [PHOTOS]

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Ariel Winter gets breast reduction

Here’s why she went under the knife

Magazine Declares The Kardashians 'America's First Family' [PHOTOS]

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Kardashians photographed together for the first time in years

Are they replacing the Obamas?

The Real Reason Emily Blunt Became An American Citizen

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Emily Blunt jokes about becoming an American citizen

Actress complains that U.S. citizens can’t be prostitutes

Kris Jenner: 'Bruce Can Go F*** Himself'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kris Jenner says Bruce Jenner lied to her on 'About Bruce'

Reality star says she wishes she had never met Bruce Jenner

These Celebrities Who Love Guns Will Surprise You [SLIDESHOW]

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You won’t believe who is number one