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Mainstream Media Misrepresents NRA's Position On Right-To-Carry Permits

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Illinois Concealed Carry

Here is the NRA’s position on concealed carry

Seattle's Gun And Ammunition Tax Isn't Working

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“Gun Violence Tax” brings in little money and more violence

Washington State Warns Of Possible Service Suspension Supporting Firearms Industry

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“Unless the state legislature comes to an agreement by midnight on June 30, state agencies regulating firearms dealer licensing services will go dark or be reduced.”

NJ Court: State Can't Criminalize Possession Of "Pencils" And Other Lawful Objects For Home Self-defense

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Dangerous masked burglar with crowbar breaking into a victim's home. [Shutterstock - r.classen]

Major win for someone being threatened in his home

Rotary Turns 180 Degrees On Restrictive Firearm Polices

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American Rotary members wouldn’t stand for a gun ban

Law Enforcement: America's Easy Button

Gun Laws & Legislation | Deputy Matt
ICE Agents Detain Suspected Undocumented Immigrants In Raids

Cops can’t fix broken communities

The Mexican Gun Control Model

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U.S. border patrol agents detain a man after he was spotted crossing illegally into the United States along the Mexican border near Calexico, California, U.S. February 8, 2017. Picture taken February 8, 2017. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Mexico is a gun control nightmare and the USA is not the problem

How To Disarm Your Citizens: A Brief History Of Gun Control In England

Gun Laws & Legislation | Susan Smith

Terrorists don’t fear a population armed with hashtags and candlelight vigils

Rep. Rob Bishop Introduces The "Lawful Purpose And Self Defense Act"

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“This bill would remove ATF’s authority to use the ‘sporting purposes’ clauses in federal law in ways that could undermine the core purpose of the Second Amendment.”

Concealed Carrying Hits New High, Underscores Need For National Law

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PROVO, UT - DECEMBER 19: Damon Thueson shows a holster at a gun concealed carry permit class put on by "USA Firearms Training" on December 19, 2015 in Provo, Utah. Demand for concealed carry permits have spiked in the last several weeks with the terrorists attacks in Paris and the United States. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

“The largest one-year increase on record occurring between May 2016 and May 2017”

Proof CA Democrats Prefer Criminals Over Legal Gun Owners

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California's state flag (Shutterstock), and the Soviet Union hammer and sickle (Shutterstock)

They call for gun control and at the same time put criminals with gun violations back on the street

Where Is The NRA's Director Of Cultural Engagement?

Gun Laws & Legislation | Harold Hutchison
Hollywood sign on October 17, 2011 in Los Angeles. The sign, located in Mount Lee, spells out the name of the area in 45-foot-tall and 350-foot-long white letters: Shutterstock/Nito

The Left knows pop-culture is powerful and influential when it comes to gun legislation

From My Cold Wet Hands: Squirt Gun Hysteria

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Yellow squirt gun / Youtube screenshot LuckyPennyShop

And then there is the argument that squirt guns will turn kids into killers…

Federal Lawsuit Challenging California's Ban On Standard Capacity Magazines Filed

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“The law violates the Second Amendment, the due process clause, and takings clause of the United States Constitution”

Attention Retailers: Brady Campaign May Approach You

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The gun control group’s stated mission is, “holding gun companies accountable to victims in the courts”

Don't Scapegoat Gun Owners For Chicago's Violent Crime Problem

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Police don’t want to make arrests – Criminals don’t go to jail

Hunters Head To Washington, D.C.

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Safari Club sets to lobby Congress for these three bills

Bloomberg Spends Big And Loses Big In The Land Of Enchantment

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The old billionaire is obsessed with taking your guns and soda

Washington Post Seems To Believe ISIS Propaganda On Buying Guns In U.S.

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Iraqi Forces Emergency Response Unit Begins Offensive To Drive Islamic State From Western Mosul, Iraq

ISIS is advising bad guns on how to get guns

High School Trap Team Wins Fight To Get Yearbook Photo

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Shotgun (Shutterstock)

No guns in school photograph policy overturned!