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Surviving the active shooter and the police


When a bad guy is armed, “Do not waste time trying to talk him down.”

Korwin: “Prohibited person” is now “Prohibited household”

Dallas Shootings.JPEG

BATFE can determine, “Entire private homes where you cannot have a readily available gun for emergencies”

New York officials argue for flexibility with gun law violators… As long as they’re on the city’s payroll

Schumer holds a news conference in New York

Trying to get New York cop held on ammo charges out of foreign jail

Another reason to be concerned about Obama’s Surgeon General nominee

Doctor Murthy stands outside the Supreme Court during legal arguments over the Affordable Care Act in Washington

Top Doc nominee founded rabid anti-gun organization

Outrage of the Week: Zero-tolerance gun policies now exploited by enterprising bullies

Bully free zone. Photo: Creative Commons/Eddie~S

Bully yells, “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.” Innocent kid ends up in trouble.

Holder floats taxpayer-funded “Smart” gun research

U.S. Attorney General Holder appears before the House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies subcommittee, on Capitol Hill in Washington

Gov. spending millions of dollars for gun control labeled as “gun safety”

82 Anti-gun House Democrats ask Obama to expand import ban


Now they want “Assault Pistols”

GOP congressional candidate supported gun control, restrictions on hunting bows


Second Amendment positions ‘not much different than the Obama administration’s’

Tennessee switchblade ban repealed

Tennessee flag

Knife Rights Foundation backs law

Firearm manufacturing moves south


In Dixie Land gunmakers take their stand as they leave the oppression of the North behind

Gottlieb: Giffords off target, forgiving gunman while scapegoating gun rights

Zimmerman Dedication.JPEG

“She would rather punish lots of innocent people than one guilty person.”

Kansas: Comprehensive pro-gun bill passes state legislature, sent to governor

Kansas flag

Best pro-gun legislation ever

Bloomberg’s publicity hounds howl for attention following Ft. Hood crime


Before the wounds heal Bloomberg uses tragedy to curtail Second Amendment

Nebraska: Governor signs pro-gun bill into law

nebraska flag

It’s easier for Cornhuskers to by guns

Firearms industry economic impact nearly doubles in five years

Chicago moves toward gun rights

Gun industry is a job creator!

Gun rights activist Otis McDonald passes away

otis mcdonald

McDonald v. City of Chicago plaintiff dies at age 79

Obama Administration’s latest “Executive Action” aims to curb ammo imports

ammo 5.56

Obama to “restrict importation of 5.45 x 39 ammunition”

David Codrea’s Right’s Watch: Stranger than fiction

Islamic Jihad militants attend a Nakba rally in the central Gaza Strip

Gun banning/gun running California Democrat Yee has a record you need to see

Polls show most Americans see through the gun control spin


Don’t we already have 14,000 gun laws?

NSSF, SAAMI seek injunction to stop microstamping law

Ammunition Sales

Back door gun control in action