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New Jersey: Magazine Capacity Restriction Vetoed

New Jersey Governor Christie answers a question during the 110th Town Hall Meeting in Middletown Township

Governor Christie Nixes Gun and Magazine Ban Legislation

Indiana: Pro-Gun Legislation Takes Effect Today

indiana flag ok

No gun buybacks

Maryland: Multiple Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Today

maryland flag ok

Some hunting freedom in the Free State

Tennessee: Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Today

Tennessee_Flag ok

No use of drones by anti-hunting extremists

Mississippi: Important Gun Laws Take Effect Today


Protections against the confiscation of legally-possessed firearms during a state of emergency

Virginia: New Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Laws Go Into Effect Today


Sunday hunting passed

Idaho: Concealed Carry Expansion And Youth Hunting Laws Effective Today

idaho flag

Campus carry passes in Idaho

Georgia: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Law Takes Effect Today

Georgia flag

13 pro-gun reforms!

Kansas: Two Pro-Gun Bills Take Effect Today

kansas flag

Kansas bans the use of taxpayer funds for gun “buyback” programs

To: The Governors of The Fifty States Of The Union, Re: Gun-Free Zones That Aren’t

Gun free zone

A ‘no guns’ sign is not protection from bad guys

David Codrea: Gun-Grabbers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

California Gun Control.JPEG

“You can’t always get what you want.”

Media Promotes Bloomberg Propaganda

Signs are pictured in the Sandy Hook area of Newtown, Connecticut

As gun violence goes down gun banning lies go up

Hickenlooper Re-Reverses Himself On Colorado’s Magazine Ban

John Hickenlooper

Behold the flip-flopping political liberal doublespeak

Court Finds That Terrorist Watchlist Lacks Constitutional Safeguards

Terrorists. Getty Images.

Veteran? Gun owner? Pro-2A? Terrorist?

NSSF Issues Report On Combined Spending By Hunters And Target Shooters

NSSF Hunting image

“866,000 jobs supported by hunting and target shooting”

A Pro-Gun Rights Senate Majority Is Key To Preserving Our Firearm Rights

A lone worker passes by the U.S. Capitol building in Washington

Should the 2nd Amendment apply only while serving in a militia?

Wayne LaPierre: Let’s Prove Bloomberg Can’t Buy American Liberty

wayne lapierre horiz

“Bloomberg is one guy with millions of dollars – we are millions of people who believe in freedom”

Web Of Deceit? School District’s Internet Filter Chooses Sides In Gun “Debate”


The Second Amendment is now hate speech in school

Harry Reid May Call For Vote On Gun Control Legislation: Says, “We Need Some More Votes”

Harry Reid

Reid’s intention is to shame Republicans and pander to gun-banners

Former MAIG Boss: Gun Control Wouldn’t Stop Mass Murderers

Police tape, US crime

But they still want gun control anyway