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House Does Damage To Obama's Gun Control Regulation

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‘That system amounts to a national gun ban list for those reported erroneously’

Disinformation Campaign On The Hearing Protection Act Continues

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Mainstream newspaper showing "fake news." [Shutterstock - 556324534]

Blind zealots or just grossly misinformed? The anti-gun lobby lives on fake news.

Federal Appeals Court's Shocking Pronouncement: Lawful Gun Carriers Must Forfeit Other Rights

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A New York City police officer stands in Times Square on August 12, 2013 in New York City. The controversial policy employed by the New York Police Department (NYPD) in high crime neighborhoods known as stop and frisk, has been given a severe rebuke by a federal judge on Monday.(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The majority insisted that the “armed and dangerous” language…really meant “armed and therefore dangerous”

NRA Backs Challenge To Massachusetts Gun Ban

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“Challenges a 20-year ban on what gun control advocates wrongly refer to as “assault rifles.”

This Shooting Is The Single Most Important Reason To Pass The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

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Officials investigate the scene of a police shooting in Urbandale, Iowa, where one of two police officers were shot and killed in separate attacks described as "ambush-style" in Urbandale and Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. November 2, 2016. REUTERS/Scott Morgan

With an officer down an armed citizen takes control

U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Director's Parting Shot On Traditional Ammunition

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One of the final acts of the Obama administration was to enact a future ban on lead ammo. The ban includes lead sinkers for fishing. Is this good for the environment or just a final poke in the eye?

Zinke ‘Unapologetic’ Fan Of Teddy Roosevelt

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Montana state Senator Ryan Zinke addresses a pro-gun activist rally as part of the National Day of Resistance, at the state Capitol in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 23, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

Our new Interior Secretary, “I am a hunter, a fisherman.”

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them

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Bloomberg Gun Violence

“Everytown for Gun Safety launched a predictable scare campaign” and the liberal media jumps on to push concealed carry lies

Increase In Violent Crime: National Trend Driven By Local Politics?

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Liberal big city mayors won’t address the crime problem

Supreme Court Asked To Review California's Restrictive Carry Regime

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The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court gather for a group portrait in the East Conference Room at the Supreme Court Building in Washington, October 8, 2010. Seated from left to right in front row are: Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Standing from left to right in back row are: Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice Samuel Alito Jr., and Associate Justice Elena Kagan. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW) - RTXT6Z3

It has taken seven years to get to this point

Two Cases Lay Out Second Amendment Stakes

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FILE PHOTO -- A couple sit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, U.S. on May 16, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Concealed carry “may issue” law and defining who is a “prohibited person” may see court time

Rep. Sensenbrenner Introduces The ATF Elimination Act

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“The ATF is a scandal-ridden, largely duplicative agency that has been branded by failure and lacks a clear mission”

40 Percent Myth Further Debunked

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Customers look over the last two AR-15 style rifles for sale inside the Bullet Hole gun shop in Sarasota

Harvard held the report until after the election

Lessons Learned From Fort Lauderdale And Jerusalem

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The Fort Lauderdale shooting and Jerusalem truck attack should teach us this…

Why I Support Silencers, aka Suppressors, For Firearms

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Here is why it makes good sense to remove barriers and legalize suppressors in 50 states

Gun Rights Watch: What To Expect In 2017

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Gun rights activists celebrate the news from US Supreme Court June 26, 2008 that Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms, ending a ban on owning handguns in Washington, DC in its first ruling on gun rights in 70 years. The court's 5-4 landmark decision -- on whether the right to keep and bear arms is fundamentally an individual or collective right -- said the city's law violated the second amendment of the US constitution which the justices said guaranteed citizens the right to keep guns at home for self-defense. AFP PHOTO / TIM SLOAN (Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

From the Social Security Gun Ban to National Reciprocity Carry here is what we can expect to see in 2017

While Media Chase Fear Narrative; Americans Make Their Own Decisions On Buying Firearms

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Increasingly Women and Minorities are buying guns and the media just can’t seem to accept that fact

Three Secondary Threats To The Second Amendment

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces that he is appointing Eddie Johnson as the Interim Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department

There is a gun control troika that can still affect their agenda on millions. Here is who we are talking about.

9th Circuit Overturns California Gun Rights Victory

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Firearms are shown for sale at the AO Sword gun store in El Cajon, California, January 5, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Blake

2A advocates just can’t win in the 9th

Ohio: Kasich Signs Critical Self-Defense Bill Into Law

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And these laws go into effect soon