This Company Is Aiming At Global Internet Access By 2019

Scott Cook
Young people use the Internet via the free Wi-Fi at the studio of Cuban artist Alexis Leyva "Kcho" in Havana

It’s the Internet space race, starring Google, Facebook, SpaceX and OneWeb

How Much Is Adultery Worth? $200 Million, Apparently

Business | Blake Neff

Adultery website plans big IPO

Watch How Close SpaceX Came To Landing A Rocket

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We got some killer footage’

Congressional Republicans Move To Override FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler chairs an open hearing on Net Neutrality

Under new resolution, FCC regulations would ‘have no force or effect’

Net Neutrality Opens Door To Broadband Fees, Experts Warn

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke
FCC Commissioner Pai and Chairman Wheeler testify at House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on the FCC's FY2016 budget

Now that it can charge fees for Internet access, the FCC may be tempted to raise them

New Study Undermines Supposed Sexism In STEM Hiring

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Feminist protest

Women actually favored over equally-qualified men

Half Of The New 'Game Of Thrones' Season Has Already Leaked Online

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Half of 'Game of Thrones' season five leaks online.

Season five premieres Sunday

Government 'Rewrites' Law To Access Microsoft Emails Stored Overseas

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘The government rewrites an awful lot of it’

Watch Edward Snowden Give John Oliver Some 'Sexy' Password Advice

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘It can literally take less than a second for a computer to go through the possibilities and pull that password out’

Hillary Clinton Hires Google Exec As CTO Of Likely 2016 Run

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Likely Democratic frontrunner gears up for 2016

FCC Fines AT&T $25 Million For Disclosing Data On Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
AT&T Reports 81 Percent Rise In Q2 Profit

Employees paid to give out private customer data

Russians Hackers Embarrass US, Steal Obama's Real-Time Schedule

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

‘This is very sensitive information and it’s indicative of the fact that Russia is reassembling its evil empire’

This Giant Satellite TV Company Set Up A Bunch Of Small Companies To Bilk BILLIONS In 'Small Business' Credits

Business | Peter Fricke
The sign in the lobby of the corporate headquarters of Dish Network is seen in the Denver suburb of Englewood, Colorado April 6, 2011. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Will they get away with it?

NATO Troops To Use Solar Panels And Wind Turbines During 'War Games'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
NATO troops arrive at the site of a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul

‘A lot of people are crippled or die transporting fuel and water’

Will The DOD Be Able To Deploy Laser Weapons, Or Will It Lose To China?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

China and Russia are eager to surpass the US

Rand Paul Vows To End 'Unconstitutional Surveillance' On His First Day As President

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Rand Paul Announces His Candidacy For The Republican Presidential Nomination

‘The phone records of law abiding citizens are none of their damn business’

New $2.4 BILLION Missile Defense Satellites Will Be Out Of Date BEFORE They Even Launch

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
SBIRS GEO-1 encapsulation.

Air Force promises to do better next time

FCC Detours Innovation To Government Slow Lane

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
FCC front door

The FCC has detoured communications innovation to the government slow lane

New Apple Spaceship Campus Construction Continues To Rape Landscape

Tech | Eric Owens

A colossal, half-built shopping mall crossed with a massive West Virginia strip mining project

Musk May Capitalize On Solar Subsidies With Tesla Home Battery

Business | Peter Fricke
Electric Car Maker Telsa Announces Nevada Site For New Battery Factory

Tesla home battery could benefit from solar panel subsidies

This Astronaut Is Tweeting JAW-DROPPING Must-See Photos From Space

Tech | Giuseppe Macri


Feinstein Wants To Ban These Websites From The Internet Over Terrorism

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘These documents are not, in my view, protected by the First Amendment’

Obama Declares Cyberattacks A 'National Emergency,' Vows Action

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
President Barack Obama holds up a Sandisk data storage card before presenting Sandisk founder Eli Harari with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation during a ceremony at the White House in Washington

‘As of today, the United States has a new tool to protect our nation’

Is This The End Of Free Apps?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke
An illustration photo shows a man holding a smart phone with a Facebook logo as its screen wallpaper in front of a WhatsApp messenger logo, in Zenica

FCC has a plan for your phones

By The Way, Hillary Clinton Lied About The Reason For The Illegal E-Mail Server She Just Wiped Clean

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waves as she attends the Irish American Hall of Fame in New York

Nixon was an amateur

Here Is How NOT To Use A Taser

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

Metal is a conductor, bro

Anti-Net Neutrality AT&T Used Rules As A Defense Against ANOTHER Federal Agency

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
AT&T Reports Quarterly Earnings

Mobile provider seeks to throw out lawsuit based on rules it lobbied against

Thiel: Lawyers Shouldn't Be In Charge Of Tech Investment

Business | Peter Fricke

Thiel: government, society combine to stifle unconventional ideas

New Twitter Pricing Revealed: 'Twitter Gilded' For Wealthy, Video Ads For Huddled Masses

Satire | Eric Owens
Getty Images, YouTube screenshot/Twitter, YouTube screenshot/James Michaels

35-character Twitter Steerage will remain ad-free

BREAKING: Anonymous Affiliate Reveals 26,000 Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Twitter advocates the freedom of an individual to express their opinion, ISIS wants to remove that freedom from us’

DHS Subpoenas Reddit For User Information

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A sign hangs on the door of an office at Reddit headquarters in San Francisco, California

Feds seek information on disappeared online drug market ‘Evolution’

Anonymous Threatens Israel With 'Electronic Holocaust' In April

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We will erase you from cyberspace’

Comey 'With Tears' Begs Congress For FBI Access To Americans' Cellphones

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FBI Director James Comey Discusses The 9/11 Review Commission Report

‘[A] whole lot of people are going to look at us with tears in their eyes’

The First Image Of Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool Is Perfect

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘With great power, comes great irresponsibility’

Don't Want TSA To Think You're A Terrorist? Better Avoid This List Of Behaviors

US | Giuseppe Macri
Christmas airline travelers are processed at a Transportation Safety Agency

Hint: go easy on the yawning

Facebook Announces Virtual Reality Games Are Coming In 2015

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We’re all headed down the rabbit hole together’

Check Out This Video Of A Tanker Refueling Two F-35s In Midair At The Same Time

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Marine Corps F-35 approaches combat-ready date in July

Watch SpaceX Test Rockets That Could Save Astronauts' Lives

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Company continues NASA crew certification

You Won't Believe How Close This Race Between A Tesla And A Ferrari F12 Was

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Quarter-mile finish within half-a-second of each other

White House Will End Bulk Phone Spying If Congress Lets The Patriot Act Expire

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A computer workstation bears the Nationa

‘Allowing Section 215 to sunset would result in the loss… of a critical national security tool’

Google Had Unusually High-Level Access To The White House During Antitrust Probe

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Obama And Biden Meet With Tech CEO's At White House

Silicon Valley giant has averaged one White House meeting per week since Obama took office

Unnecessary Collateral Damage From FCC Title II Internet Regulation

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
FCC Chairman Wheeler testifies before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘The collateral damage is beginning to pile up from the FCC’s February decision to trigger Title II telephone utility regulation of the Internet’

ISIS Invades Tatooine -- Yes, That One

World | Giuseppe Macri
Star Wars Episode I

Tourists warned away from visiting iconic film locale

House Revives Bill To Completely Repeal The Patriot Act, Dismantle NSA Spying

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘I reject the notion that we must sacrifice liberty for security’

'Obamanet' Faces First Legal Challenges

Business | Peter Fricke

Telecom industry files lawsuits against FCC net neutrality overreach

FCC Commissioner Asks Congress To Slash Agency's Budget For Enforcing Net Neutrality

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Commissioner Pai and Chairman Wheeler testify at House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on the FCC's FY2016 budget

‘The FCC has already wasted millions of dollars developing these regulations, and we are on course to waste millions more’

There's A Lot More To Launching Astronauts To The ISS Than You Think -- This Short Video Explains It

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We’re going to talk about rocket science, and it’s really not that hard, I promise’

DISH's Duplicitous Auction Tactics Spur Action By FCC

Business | Peter Fricke
Dish Network Corp Chairman Charles Ergen exits the US Bankruptcy court in New York March 26, 2014. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Major Dem donor won’t get break on ‘small business’ credits from FCC

New Tesla Spotted Doing Camouflaged Highway Test Drive

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

SUV street dated for later this year spotted in California

Researchers Discover How To Hack Air-Gapped Computers Using Heat

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

New method allows for two-way communication between Web and non-connected machines

Elon Musk Thinks There's One 'Lucky' Scenario If Artificial Intelligence Enslaves Us

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
The Matrix Reloaded

‘I’m quite worried about artificial super intelligence these days’

The First Full Trailer For 'Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation' Proves Tom Cruise Can Still Kick Ass

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘It’s nerve-racking for everyone else, but pretty exciting for me’

Wikipedia Tells Reddit Why It Thinks It Can Win Its Lawsuit Against NSA

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Wikipedia Imposes A 24 Hour Shutdown To Protest Over Web Piracy Bill

‘Thanks to Snowden, we know much more about the government’s surveillance practices’

Why The FTC Wanted To Sue Google For Anticompetitiveness

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Confidential report cites multiple monopoly-like business practices

You'll Love How The US Responded To ISIS's New Drone

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
Islamic State Video

Something we’ll ‘definitely’ be seeing again

Photos Of Friday's Solar Eclipse From Around The World And In Space

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Stunning views 2015’s single solar eclipse

Elon Musk Reveals His Plan To End Tesla Range Anxiety

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

‘It will be basically impossible to run out of charge unless you do so intentionally’

Fossil Fuels Save Europe From Blackouts During Solar Eclipse

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

‘It would have been difficult to deal with a situation like today without conventional power plants’

New 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer Runs Through The Superhero Roster

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘Show ‘em what we’ve got’

A Self-Driving Audi Is About To Make History

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Now it’s time to put our vehicle to the ultimate test’

FCC Confirms New Net Neutrality Rules Give Government Control Over Internet Rates

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Republican chairman calls FCC ‘a potentially threatening and unpredictable agency’

Gov. Chris Christie Decides Major Fight Over Banned Tesla Sales In New Jersey

Business | Giuseppe Macri

New law signed by Christie decides Tesla’s fate in the Garden State

This Is Why Tim Cook Thinks Apple Watch Will Be A Hit

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Why do you need this?’

Windows 10 Is Coming Much Sooner Than Expected

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Microsoft Twitter Windows 10

Microsoft moves launch date forward by months

Rare Storm Creates The Largest, Most Vivid Aurora You've Ever Seen

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Astronauts capture incredible photos and video from the ISS

Elon Musk: The Cars You're Driving Today Will Eventually Be Outlawed

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Elon Musk NVIDIA

‘They’re too dangerous’

Nintendo Games Are Coming To Your Smartphone

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Man rides an escalator past Nintendo Co advertisements at an electronics retail store in Tokyo

Deal will ‘expand Nintendo’s reach into the vast market of smart device users worldwide’

'Terminator 2' Inspired This Revolutionary New Liquid-Based 3-D Printing Process

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We’re two chemists and a physicist, so we came in with a different perspective’

Congress Questions FCC Chief About 'Secret Meetings' With White House Over Net Neutrality

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Mobile World Congress 2015 - Day 2

‘The lack of transparency surrounding the open Internet rule-making process raises a lot of questions’

Hacker Group 'Anonymous' Continues Attacks On ISIS-Supporting Twitter Accounts

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure’

Edward Snowden Says Mass Surveillance Won't Stop Terrorism

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
The New Yorker Festival 2014 - Edward Snowden Interviewed by Jane Mayer

‘They’re not going to stop the next attacks either’

Elon Musk Says He's Going To End The Number One Fear About Electric Cars

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Company to hold press conference Thursday

Surprising Number Of Americans Unconcerned About Government Spying

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Edward Snowden Sticker

Two years after Snowden leak, few Americans have taken steps to block spying

The F-35 Doesn't Know What's Shooting At it

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Lockheed Martin F35 Italy

‘It’s always a chore to work through what the sensor is actually seeing’

Watch Robert Downey Jr. Give This Boy His Own 'Iron Man' Prosthetic Arm

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘I thought I’d bring one of my gauntlets and match it up with yours’

Congress: What The FCC Did In 300 Pages, We Could Do In Six -- 'Without The Overreach'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
John Thune

‘We look forward to working our way through the 300-plus pages of this Washington manifesto’

The FCC Has FINALLY Released Its Net Neutrality Internet Regulations

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Agency publicly releases 300-plus page plan weeks after contested vote

The Steam Filled Room: More Power = Better?

Opinion | Grae Stafford
V2 Series 7 Ecig Grae Stafford Daily Caller

Was Tim Allen always right?

Watch NASA Test The Largest Rocket Booster Ever Made

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘These missions will enable us to pioneer far into the solar system’

More GoPros In More F-18s Doing More Awesome Stuff

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

GoPro cameras capture amazing aerial footage of Super Hornets in action

This Is The Real Reason Apple Watch Costs $10,000

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘HO-LY Shit’

This Is What Netflix Looks Like On The Original Nintendo

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘That’s it in all of its two-bit glory’

Netflix Uses 'House Of Cards' To Plug For Net Neutrality

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Netflix House of Cards Season 2

‘Attack of candor, indeed’

The CIA Has Been Trying To Hack Apple Devices For Years

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Spies gonna spy’

Netflix's New 'Daredevil' Trailer Shows The Darkest, Grittiest Marvel Hero Yet

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘Another man’s evil does not make you good’

Wikipedia Sues The NSA To End Mass Surveillance

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A reporter's laptop shows the Wikipedia blacked out opening page in Brussels

‘We’re filing suit today on behalf of our readers and editors everywhere’

Facebook Won't Let Users Feel Fat

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Facebook protest

Emoji is yanked after petition alleges ‘body shaming’

Apple Watch Is Coming In April, And Can Cost More Than $10K

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Apple Watch

Apple reveals pre-order and shipping dates this spring

Watch Apple Watch's First TV Spot

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘The Watch Is Coming’

Apple Unveils New, Ultra-Thin, Super-Light Retina Macbook

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Macbook Retina

First all-metal Macbook is the thinnest, lightest, longest-lasting yet

Now You Can Watch HBO On Your Apple Devices

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘All you need to get HBO Now is a broadband connection and an Apple device’

How And When To Watch The Apple Watch Live Event Monday

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Apple Watch

Get all the details on Apple’s new device

How Your Tweets Can Reveal Your Real Location

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A logo of Twitter is pictured next to the logo of Facebook in this illustration photo in Sarajevo

Researchers pinpoint 80 percent of tweet locations within less than four miles

Edward Snowden Asks Switzerland For Asylum

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden appears live via video during a student organized world affairs conference at the Upper Canada College private high school in Toronto

‘It’s a wonderful place’

An Alarming Number Of Twitter Accounts Are Being Associated With ISIS

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Newsweek Twitter

‘ISIS has been able to exert an outsized impact on how the world perceives it’

New Lockheed Laser Disables Truck From A Mile Away

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Lockheed Martin Laser

Melts engine manifold in seconds

Viral Petition Wants Facebook To Remove 'Feeling Fat' Emoticon

Business | Ashley Rae Goldenberg
People pose with mobile devices in front of projection of Facebook logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica

‘Fat is not a feeling’

After Pissing Off Congress, FCC Asks For Biggest Budget In History

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke

Walden takes FCC to task during reauthorization hearing

This Is The Delta Plane That Slid Off The LaGuardia Runway

US | Giuseppe Macri
Delta flight 1086 is seen after it slid off the runway upon landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport

Airport shuts down after plane crashes on landing

Watch This Self-Driving BMW Try To Out-Drift A Racing Champion

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Racing man versus drifting machine

Gawker To Be Penalized By New 'Fact-Based' Search Algorithm, Says Google

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Google CEO Larry Page (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/GettyImages)

‘In other words, they are considered less trustworthy than half of the websites’

Get Your First Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Edward Snowden

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Love him or hate him, you gotta admit the guy’s strong-willed’

Aston Martin Unveiled A Big Surprise At The Geneva Motor Show

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘A piece of fresh, bold thinking about what Aston Martin GT customers around the world could request of us in the future’

Tech Experts, Congressman Agree That Internet Regulation Will Stifle Investment

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke
Pro-net neutrality Internet activists rally in the neighborhood where U.S. President Obama attended a fundraiser in Los Angeles

FCC overreach creates uncertainty for investors, experts claim

STAR WARS: China Is Gunning For Supremacy In Space, Believes War Is Inevitable

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Chinese Army

‘China’s improving space capabilities have negative-sum consequences for U.S. military security’

Hey DC! Send Us Your Secret Service Drone Photos

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Government declines to comment as drones descend on D.C.

Google Decides What Is Fact In New Search Results Ranking System

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Largest global search engine tests fact-based search results

FCC Commissioner Demolishes Net's New Rules, In 3 Quick Points

Business | Peter Fricke
Ajit Pai FCC Commissioner

‘The bogeyman never had it so easy.’

NOT SO FAST: New Net Rules Could Be 'Strike Three For The FCC'

Business | Peter Fricke
Bumper stickers about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's support of Obama's Net Neutrality plan were pasted to stop signs around D.C. early Wednesday morning.

Title II Opponents Predict Courts Will Strike Down Internet Regulations

Government Agency Votes To Regulate Internet Providers

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Cell Phones on Planes

Commission approves ‘the strongest open internet protections ever proposed by the FCC’

This Hidden Tesla Feature Is For Secret Agents Only

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Can you swim?’

New Cybersecurity Interface Could Revolutionize The Way America Handles Attacks

Tech | Evan Wilt
Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw
Cybersecurity tools for those without expert knowledge in computer science

Verizon's Mocking Response To The FCC's Net Neutrality Vote Is Perfect

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A sign hangs in the Verizon booth on the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

FCC net neutrality ‘imposes rules on broadband Internet services that were written in the era of the steam locomotive and the telegraph’

Dem Senator: Net Neutrality Brings European Regulations To American Networks

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Tomorrow is about us taking a step probably a little closer to their approach’

Aston Martin's New Supercar Is On Fire -- Literally

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘A sports car for true sports car lovers’

Net Neutrality Advocacy Group Now Pans Proposal

Tech | Kerry Picket
People enter the building of Federal Communications Commission

‘The general conduct rule will be anything but clear’

Congressional Republicans Are NOT Giving Up The Net Neutrality Fight

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
McConnell listens to a question from a reporter with Barrasso, Thune and Cornyn after the weekly Senate party caucus luncheons at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘One way or another, I am committed to moving a legislative solution’

FCC Commissioner On 'Revised' Net Neutrality Plan: 'I'm Voting No'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Ajit Pai. Getty Images

‘The public still can’t see it’

Police Dash Cam Captures Gas Explosion That Levels A House

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘There’s nothing left there but the basement foundation’

A 'No' Vote For The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Just Became A Possibility

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Chairman Wheeler listens to Commissioner Clyburn testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

Democratic FCC commissioner reportedly backing away from the plan ahead of Thursday’s vote

Experts Highlight America's Struggles In The Robotic Future Of War

Tech | Jude Abeler
US Drones

‘At some point in the near future we will see a 3D-printed drone have an attack on U.S. forces’

Watch McLaren's New Supercar Race The Legendary McLaren F1

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Two supercars 20 years apart go head-to-head

Bionic Eye Allows Blind Man To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

Tech | Scott Cook

Medicine, science, technology and romance all wrapped into one beautiful story

Edward Snowden Answers: Am I A Russian Spy?

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden appears live via video during a student organized world affairs conference at the Upper Canada College private high school in Toronto

‘What are your interactions with Russian state security like?’

Senator Obama: 'Irresponsible' For FCC To Vote On Rules Unreleased To The Public

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Barack Obama speaks at a Senate hearing on lobbying

‘The commission has the responsibility to defend any new proposal in public discourse and debate’

Republican FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler To Delay Net Neutrality Vote, Release Proposal

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘With the future of the entire Internet at stake, it is imperative that the FCC get this right’

The FCC's Predictable Fiasco Of Internet Utility Regulation

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
Wheeler testifies before a House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing on oversight of the FCC on Capitol Hill in Washington

Consider this predictably unpredictable sequence of coming events

FCC Commissioner: Net Neutrality Is A Threat To Free Speech

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Commissioner Pai testifies before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Even ‘a little’ regulation… would suppress significant amounts of political speech’

Snowden, Greenwald And Poitras Answer Questions On Reddit To Promote 'Citizenfour'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald receive the George Polk Awards in New York

‘There is definitely more significant reporting to come’