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Tim Cook Won't Let Apple Be A 'Treasure Trove' Of User Data For NSA

‘What’s happening to that data, and the companies — I think — should be very transparent’

CIA Director John Brennan Refuses To Tell Congress Who Authorized Senate Spying

James Clapper listens to Brennan at House Intelligence Committee in Washington

‘I think it’s arrogant, I think it’s unacceptable’

Docs: Obama Admin Knew Was Vulnerable To Malicioius Attacks And Launched Anyway

A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the website in New York in this photo illustration

‘The threat and risk potential is limitless’

FBI Announces Completion, Deployment Of Its Facial Recognition System

An immigration officer's computer screen shows the mugshots of two al Qaeda suspects as passengers l..

‘This effort is a significant step forward for the criminal justice community in utilizing biometrics as an investigative enabler’

Senators Claim Passing NSA Reform Could Help ISIS

Sen. Marco Rubio is interviewed at Reuters Health Summit 2014 in Washington

‘I’m also concerned about eroding our capability to gather actionable intelligence’

Obama's Golf Buddy Snared in Snowden Leak

Who do you believe?

NSA Secretly Trying To Map The Internet -- Including All Devices Connected To It -- In Real-Time

‘Map the entire Internet — Any device, anywhere, all the time’

9/11 Rumor About Chemical Plant Explosion, Toxic Gas Release Goes Viral

‘Spookiest thing happening today…’

Decompetition Decompetition Decompetition

FCC front door

The FCC’s new professed mantra is ‘competition competition competition’

Tesla Gets Huge Tax Break To Build World's Biggest Battery Factory In Nevada

‘Nevada has announced to the world — not to the country, but to the world — that we are ready to lead’

U.S. Government Threatened Yahoo With Massive Fines To Force NSA Compliance

‘The released documents underscore how we had to fight every step of the way to challenge the U.S. government’s surveillance efforts’

How An American F-16 Pilot Was Given A Kamikaze Mission On Sept. 11

‘We wouldn’t be shooting it down. We’d be ramming the aircraft’

Facebook's Messenger App Has More Spyware Than Products Designed Specifically For Surveillance

‘There is a lot of code that suggests Facebook is running analytics on nearly everything it possibly can monitor on your device’

Swiss Watchmakers And Experts Say Apple Watch Isn't Sexy Enough

‘It looks like it was designed by a student in their first trimester’

Apple Helps Conan Parody Apple

Supposed Apple composer serenades Conan guests

Check Out Batman's New Ride In 'Batman v. Superman'

Director Zack Snyder reveals the new Batmobile

This Is Why Your Internet Is Slow Today

‘If there were Internet slow lanes, you’d still be waiting’

Russian Hacker Posts Passwords Of Almost Five Million Gmail And Other Email Accounts

Claims 60 percent of exposed passwords valid

Stephen Colbert Unveils His Own Personalized Apple Watch From 'An Apple Insider'

‘It’s finally cool to wear a calculator watch!’

Tim Cook Calls Apple Watch By The Wrong Name Hours After Launch Event

Apple CEO slips up on company’s new branding

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Chart Comparing The iPhone 6 To A Pop-Tart

It should’ve been apple flavored

Five Things To Look Forward To From Apple's Watch, iPhone 6 Launch Event

Apple Watch

Details on iPhone 6, Apple Watch and more

Apple Watch Unveiled At Apple Launch Event

‘Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created’

U2 Releases New Album For Free On iTunes At Apple Launch Event

Album free for all iTunes users until October

Looks Like Ray Rice Won't Play Virtual Football, Either

(Photo: Getty Images)

It sucks to suck

Report: Fort Knox Mishandled $270 Million In 'Energy-Savings' Projects

Defense Secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey hold a press briefing at the Pentagon

‘The lack of adequate internal controls increases the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse’

Tim Cook Reveals iPhone 6 At Apple Launch Event

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiled

Apple's Live-Stream Was A Complete Disaster

Company unveils the next generation of products over clunky, failing video feed

Apple Set To Host Biggest Launch Event Since Steve Jobs At 1 PM

People wait for the release of Apple's new iPhone 5S and 5C in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district

Announcements likely to include iPhone, smartwatch, more

Gwen Stefani And Dr. Dre Share A Motorcade To Apple's Event

‘On my way to apple launch w dr dre’

Apple Is Live-Blogging Its Own Live Event

New Apple iOS 7 features are displayed on screen during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 in San Francisco

‘It’s not just another day in Cupertino’

Meet The Soviet-Era Automated Nuclear Weapon That Could Still Be Aimed At The West

‘The Russians know that they have no chance against NATO without nuclear weapons’

Largest U.S. Bank Hacked With Mercenary Computer Network, Sent Data To Russia

Network used in previous attacks

Watch Samsung's New 105-Inch TV Bend Your Perspective On Television

Largest bendable TV yet unveiled at IFA electronics show

Obama Taps Former Google, Twitter Execs For White House's Top Tech Jobs

Administration looks to Silicon Valley to fill more roles

Twitter Forces Twitpic To Shut Down Over Trademark Dispute

Twitpic logo twitpicdotcom

‘We do not have the resources to fend off a large company like Twitter’

Home Depot Hack Might Be 'MUCH BIGGER' Than Target

Tens of millions of customers likely affected

Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Photos Are Going On Display At Art Show

Will be printed on life-size canvas

Ex-NSA Chief Keith Alexander Says JPMorgan Hack Proves U.S. Financial System Is 'Vulnerable'

General Keith Alexander arrives at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Washington

‘They just sent a real message: ‘You’re vulnerable’

Hackers Using Police Tech To Steal Nude Pics From Apple iCloud

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook and China Mobile's Chairman Xi Guohua are silhouetted at an event celebrating the launch of Apple's iPhone on China Mobile's network in Beijing

‘If we didn’t have this law enforcement tool, we might not have the leaks we had’

Rahm Emanuel Backs Comcast, Time Warner Cable Merger -- After $100,000 In Donations

‘We’re proud to have the support of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’

Russia Announces Large-Scale Nuclear Exercises In Response To Ukraine

Russia Syria

‘I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations’

So What Does Rep. Fred Upton Think About Kate Upton's Hacked Nude Photos?

Uncle Fred’s office declines to comment on niece’s racy nudes

Apple Denies Responsibility For Celeb Photo Leak

‘None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems’

Watch This Ram Kick This Drone's Butt -- AND The Pilot's

‘He got me pretty good’

How To Turn Off iCloud And Keep Your (Private) Photos Private

A woman looks at the screen of her mobile phone in front of an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai

A navigation guide to Apple’s complicated backup system

John Oliver Hilariously Responds To YouTube Comments

‘I don’t even understand why the audience is laughing’

Report: New Video Gives Full, Detailed Look At iPhone 6

Latest leak may give best look yet at Apple’s hottest new device

Cop Who Killed Napster Exec While Texting And Driving Won't Be Charged

With LA City hall on the horizon, LA County Sheriff Deputies with rifles and shotguns keep watch outside of the Twin Towers Jail in response to a unconfirmed sighting by a civilian employee of Christopher Dorner in Los Angeles

‘Since Wood was acting within the course and scope of his duties when he began to type his response… he acted lawfully’

Senior Citizens Try Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset For The First Time

‘I’m not going to electrocute myself am I?’

Google Bans Privacy App That Prevents Data Sharing From Android Store

‘We are 100 percent opposed to advertising that invisibly tracks people and compromises their security’

NATO Releases Satellite Photos Proving Russia Is Lying About Invading Ukraine

‘Russian combat soldiers…are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory’

Did Apple Just Confirm The iPhone 6 Launch Date?

‘Wish we could say more’

SWAT Team Detains Pranked Gamer On Live-Streaming Webcam

‘What about this is funny to you?’

DARPA Is Building A New Space Plane For The Pentagon

‘It would be a spacecraft that most resembles what people see in the movies’

FBI, NSA Investigating Whether Russia Hacked U.S. Banks To Retaliate For Sanctions

Attacks left digital evidence of government involvement

Spy Video Captures Audi's New High-Performance 2015 RS 3 In Action

Car enters final test stage in Germany

American Police Departments Are Losing Tons Of Military Grade Weaponry

‘We don’t know where these weapons are going, whether they are really lost, or whether there is corruption involved’

Report: Apple's Smartwatch Will Debut September 9 Alongside iPhone 6

Company’s first wearable device expected in fall lineup

BMW Tests Its Armored SUV By Shooting It With A Bunch Of Guns

‘The risk of armed violence… is a fact of everyday life for certain customers’

Police In Washington State Have Been Secretly Intercepting Cellphone Traffic For Years

Police monitor Seahawks fans celebrating in the streets after their team won their NFL Super Bowl XLVIII against the Broncos in Seattle

‘They are essentially searching the homes of innocent Americans to find one phone used by one person’

Arizona May Have Handed Over Its Counterterrorism Database To A Chinese Spy

U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees work inside the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center in Arlington

Chinese national left Homeland Security and flew back to China with laptops and hard drives

More Proof That Apple Has Run Out Of Ideas Without Steve Jobs

Bigger iPad, iPhone rumored for launch

Malaysia Airlines Is Losing $2 Million A Day Flying Empty Planes

‘The importance of brand trust & values’

California Cops Used Government Database To Screen Women They Wanted To Date

‘I feel like it’s an abuse of their power’

US Army's Hypersonic Space Weapon Self-Destructs Seconds After Launch

‘Due to an anomaly, the test was terminated near the launch pad shortly after lift-off’

NSA Built Its Own Secret Google To Search And Share Billions Of Calls, Emails

‘A one-stop shopping tool’ to search emails, web chats, calls, etc.

California State Senator Arrested For Drunk Driving Hours After Voting For Anti-Uber Bill

‘I am truly and profoundly sorry’

Illinois Governor Vetoes Attack On Uber

Stops anti-ridesharing bill

Dude Dons Metal Suit, Blasts Himself With Truckload Of Fireworks [VIDEO]

‘This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever made’

Hackers Attack PlayStation Network In The Name Of ISIS, Ground Sony Exec's Plane With Bomb Threat

A man plays a game on Sony Corp's PlayStation 3 game console at an electronic store in Tokyo

‘Today we planted the ISIS flag on @Sony’s servers’

NASA's New Rocket Is Powerful Enough To Damage Nearby Buildings At Launch

‘We have to ensure we have the proper suppression system to basically turn that noise down to a safe level’

China's New Fifth-Generation Fighter Is Unsurprisingly Similar To The F-35

Almost every fighter in the current U.S. fleet would be ‘outclassed in every respect’

NSA Whistle-Blower: Obama's Authority To Label 'Terrorists' Is The Same Rule The Nazis Issued In 1933

‘It contributes to law enforcement, not intelligence against terror. That’s the whole point’

Google-Owned Solar Plant INCINERATES At Least 1,000 Birds A Year


Think Tank To Amnesty International: 'Suck It'

Screenshot: YouTube/Center for Strategic & International Studies

Blames tweet on intern

CREEPY: Boston PD Recorded Every Face At Local Music Festivals To Test Facial Recognition Software

‘Face capture’ recorded thousands of faces and monitored skin color, height, clothing, etc.

Tesla Extends Model S Warranty To Infinity And Beyond

‘This should have been our policy from the beginning’

BMW's 'Driftmob' Is The Most Epic Flash Mob EVER

‘They’re definitely some of the best in the world’

Watch SpaceX's Reusable Rocket Fly Back To Earth

Plane video captures supersonic re-entry and controlled descent

Microsoft Releases Its Own Version of Snapchat

Screenshot 2014-08-15 15.23.06

Microsoft keeps trying to compete, comes up with something completely unoriginal and calls it ‘WindUp’

Reddit's New Rules Call Out BuzzFeed For Mining Its Content

A Reddit mascot is shown at the company's headquarters in San Francisco

‘Ask for their permission prior to using it in an article or list’

Shareholder Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple

He’s accusing Apple of ‘misleading investors’ and suing the Estate of Steve Jobs. STEVE. JOBS.

TMZ Claims To Leak iPhone 6 Photos

An image of the new iPhone 5C is seen on screen at Apple Inc's media event in Cupertino

Larger than iPhone 5, similar to fifth-gen iPod

Canceled Flight? Try Google Now -- The App Will Offer You Alternative Flights

An American Airlines airplane takes off from Heathrow airport in London

Never stand sad, miserable, and confused in the airport EVER AGAIN

Dodge's New Sedan Can Outrun These Legendary European Racers

Top speed of 204 m.p.h.

FAA Bans Uber-Like Ridesharing Services For Planes

Another setback for the sharing economy

We Might See HUGE Taxes Just For Using The Internet, Thanks To Harry Reid

A lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Internet Explorer browser in Paris

Expect a tax hike if the Senate doesn’t vote on this one bill by Nov. 1

Hacker Group Published The Wrong Name In Michael Brown Shooting

‘Do not publish the name of this random citizen’

Tesla Could Get Environmental Protection Rules Waiver In California

State seeks to secure automaker’s forthcoming battery factory

Charge Your Phone With Sound Waves

British and Korean researchers found a way to use sound to charge your phone

Facebook Now Gives Even More User Data To Advertisers

A Facebook logo on an Ipad is reflected among source code on the LCD screen of a computer in this photo illustration

New data tracks user behavior across phones, computers and tablets

Maserati Driver Busted For Impersonating Cop And Transformer At The Same Time

‘Decepticons punish and enslave’

Sharks Are Trying To Eat Google's High Speed Internet Cable

They’re using KEVLAR to stop sharks from biting it

TV Execs Donate To Dem Lawmaker, Get Million-Dollar FCC Rule Exception

‘The timing of the campaign donations is very suspicious’

Hacker Group Published The Wrong Name In Michael Brown Shooting

‘Do not publish the name of this random citizen’

Google's Regina Dugan Violated Ethics Rules While Heading Up DARPA


‘Unfortunately I think this is more the rule than the exception’

Comcast, Time Warner Pay $132,000 To Honor FCC Commissioner Ahead Of Merger Approval

FCC Chairman Wheeler listens to Commissioner Clyburn testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘I think that the timing is curious’

Edward Snowden Leaks Onto The Cover Of Wired, Reveals Autonomous NSA Weapon

‘How can we as the public trust the NSA with all of our information?’

Don't Look Now, But The FBI Just Used Facial Recognition Tech Catch Fugitive On The Run For 14 Years

‘My impression was that he never thought he would be discovered’

Murder Suspect Actually Didn't Ask Siri To Help Him Hide A Body

CEO Tim Cook talks about Siri during an Apple event in San Francisco, California
'What kind of place are you looking for?'

'Grand Theft Auto' Players Hack Game To Add Rape

‘We were raped and forced to strip dance in GTA online’

JFK's Oldest Brother Died Testing The First US Drone Program 70 Years Ago Today

Education specialist Esther Kohn gestures towards a photograph taken in 1938 of the Kennedy family in Boston

‘I vividly remember seeing burning wreckage falling earthwards while engines with propellers still turning’

Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Bill Passes California Legislature

‘Kill Switch’ shuts down smartphones if lost or stolen

The Feds Paid Amtrak Employee More Than $800,000 To Steal Passengers' Information

Incident ‘raises some serious questions about the DEA’s practices’

Google's Newest Satellite Will Be Able To Zoom In On Your Face

Relaxed regulations could allow clear images of car license plates, smartphones and owners’ faces

Lyft Accuses Uber Of Interfering With Drivers

A driver with the ride-sharing service Lyft waits for a customer on a street in Santa Monica, California

‘It wastes a driver’s time and impacts the next passenger waiting for that driver’

Bad News For Fans Of Marvel Movies

No ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ until Amazon and Disney come to some kind of an agreement

Chinese Scientists Invent Stress-Scanning Camera To Detect Suicide Bombers In Crowds

Armed police patrol near the exit of the South Railway Station, following Wednesday's bomb and knife attack, in Urumqi

‘Their level of mental stress must have been extremely high before they launched their attacks’

If Acura's New Sedan Is Good Enough For Sid Vicious, It's Good Enough For You

‘We made this one for us, but you can have one’

Scientists Create Water-Based Tractor Beam That Can Control Floating Objects

‘No one could have guessed this result’

These Babysitters' Photoshopped Updates Will Make You Fear For Your Kids' Lives

Ukalala imgur Babysitters Photoshop

‘But he survived’

Google Backs $300 Million Plan To Build Huge Internet Cable Connecting US, Japan

File photo of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt speaking at a Motorola phone launch event in New York

It’s called FASTER — because they want faster internet

FCC Wants MORE Public Opinion (Roundtable Debates On Net Neutrality Coming Soon)

After receiving 1.1 million public comments on net neutrality

Avoiding High-Crime Areas Is Racist, Says Valleywag Racist


Racists are racists because racism, racist

Take A Peek Inside Porsche's Super-Secret Warehouse Of Cars That Never Were

‘Some of them so secret, even Porsche’s parent company Volkswagen doesn’t know about them’

NASA To Build 3D-Printed Space Cameras

NASA handout photo of Hubble space telescope servicing

They’re the first to ‘build an entire instrument with 3D printing’

Activists Are Furious Over These Turtles Carrying iPads

Aspen Art Museum Facebook Cai Guo Qiang Moving Ghost Town Tortoises_opt

‘Take the iPads off the tortoises’

Idiot Thinks His Infiniti Is A Self-Driving Car... It Isn't...

‘Just be careful not to hit the steering wheel…’

NSA Tried To Delete Court Transcript In Lawsuit Over Deleting Evidence

‘The government’s attempt to change this history was unprecedented’

Wind Turbine 'Infrasound' May Be Making Thousands Sick In UK, US

Health officials, activists square off

FISA Court Orders Government To Release Opinion Justifying Bulk Phone Data Collection

Alexander speaks alongside Inglis, Clapper and Cole at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington,

Court seeks to ‘enhance public understanding’

NASA Releases AWESOME Footage Of Its Flying Saucer Near-Space Test Flight

New system uses atmospheric drag to glide through entry

FCC Votes To Require Support For Texting To 911

Police car / Wikipedia

‘Our first responsibility is to provide for the safety of Americans’

Get Ready For Amazon To Be SLAMMED In A New York Times Ad


Authors angry with Amazon over e-book pricing will criticize the warehouse giant in a new ad coming Sunday

AMAZING Footage: Great White Shark Attacks SharkCam

‘Holy s***’

How Soon Until We Get Microchip Implants?

Screenshot 2014-08-08 15.03.31

Fancy a microchip in your skin? The future is here

Facebook's New Messenger App Can Invade Your Privacy, But It's Android's Fault

A man uses an iPad with a Facebook app in this photo illustration in Sofia

Social giant points the finger at rigid Android privacy permissions

Security Expert Hacks Wi-Fi Networks With Cats

Cute, fluffy and a threat to your network security

New App Measures 'Sketchiness' In City Areas

Screenshot 2014-08-08 12.12.46

The ‘SketchFactor’ identifies creeper hideouts and iffy neighborhoods

Snowden Granted Three Years Of Asylum, Still 'Very Useful' According To Russians

File photo of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, an analyst with a U.S. defence contractor, being interviewed by The Guardian in his hotel room in Hong Kong

‘As a consultant on how the NSA works, he is very useful’

Forget Baby Monitors, Use The 'Sproutling'

Wearable device for babies predicts when they wake up

Daimler's Latest Mercedes-Benz Is Bulletproof

‘Effective protection against the threat posed by terrorist attacks’

Microsoft In Talks For Store Location On Fifth Ave -- Right Next To Apple

They’re bringing home the competition

Microsoft Wants Touchscreens To Feel Like Keyboards

Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 is seen during the launch of their Surface 2 tablets in New York

Researcher says we’re doing it wrong — we need to feel like we’re pressing keys

Russians Project Racist Image Of Obama On US Embassy For His Birthday

Russia Banana Obama Moscow Slovenism YouTube

‘Obama happy birthday’

Google To Reward Secure Sites With Better Search Rankings

A Google logo is seen at the garage where the company was founded on Google's 15th anniversary in Menlo Park, California

Plan to push developers into more secure practices

Ex-NSA Head Keith Alexander Defends Million-Dollar Cyber-Security Consulting

‘I’m a cyber guy. Can’t I go to work and do cyber stuff?’

Russians Steal Billions Of Internet Passwords -- Biggest Hack Ever?

Just how concerned should we be?

See A Young Stephen Hawking In 'The Theory Of Everything' Trailer

‘Brilliant, brilliant, Stephen’

Immigrants Using Facebook To Find Illegal Border Crossings

‘The social networks are just one more tool for us’

This Is What Happens When Jeff Goldblum Shows Up At Your Wedding

‘We must go faster’

Wikipedia Speaks Out Against The Right To Be Forgotten


A ‘direct threat’ to Wikipedia’s mission

Government Officials Suspect New Intelligence Leaker Revealing US Secrets

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper attends a event at the NSA in Fort Meade

‘The federal government has concluded there’s a new leaker’

Journalist Glenn Greenwald Refuses To Confirm Or Deny He Has A New Leaker

New Intercept story spurs speculation

Inspector General Audits Over-Budget NASA Projects

NASA handout photo of the Apollo 11 launch

Two projects’ schedules lost in space

Half Of All People On Government Terrorist Watchlist Have No Terrorist Connections

Watchlisting system is ‘revving out of control’

These Are The Most And Least Hackable Cars In The World

Hackers could do anything from ‘turning the steering wheel to disabling the brakes’

Redundant? Alarm Clock Wakes You Up By Brewing Coffee

The Barisiuer (via Instagram

Wake up and smell the coffee — literally

Push For Pizza App Helps You Be Fat And Lazy

Pizza delivery at the push of a button

Mozilla Accidentally Leaks Thousands Of Email Addresses And Passwords

A man is seen next to a Firefox logo at a Mozilla stand during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

‘While we have not been able to detect any malicious activity on that server, we cannot be sure there wasn’t any such access’

Hacker Explains How Passenger Jets Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

An ANA's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner airplane, which carries Japanese and U.S. children in Japan as its first passengers, flies after a ceremony at Haneda airport in Tokyo

‘These devices are wide open’

IDF Soldier Deployed In Gaza Answers Questions On Reddit

‘Right now everybody needs to mind their own f***ing business’

Now There Are Custom-Made, 3D Printed, WIRELESS Earbuds


Jump on the custom-made earbud bandwagon — these ones don’t even have a cord

11,000 Join Facebook Class-Action Suit

Facebook website pages opened in an internet browser is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny

It only took three days for Europeans to jump on the bandwagon — in mass numbers

Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence 'Potentially More Dangerous Than Nukes'

SpaceX CEO Musk sits with guests inside the Dragon V2 spacecraft after it was unveiled in Hawthorne

‘We need to be super careful with AI’

Harvard Students Make Cake: Sprayed From A Can And Nuked In The Microwave

Whipped Cream Cans

Forget the whipped cream, give me ‘Spray Cake’

Man Fatally Shoots Himself While Posing With Gun For Facebook Selfie

An LAPD officer inspects a handgun during a gun buyback program in Los Angeles, California

‘I heard a gunshot, and then I heard somebody screaming and realized somebody had been hurt’

MiniLock Seeks To Make Data Encryption Easy For The Average User

File photo illustration of a lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, seen on an Internet Explorer browser in Paris

High-tech security with the simplicity of a padlock

Facebook Is Down? OH HORROR, Someone Call The Police

Illustration photo of a Facebook error message in a computer screen in Singapore

Facebook’s momentary blip in cyberspace today got a breaking news report, and people called the cops

FTC States The Obvious, Says In-App Spending Is Bad

Google Antitrust Probe

After suing Apple and Amazon, the FTC writes a report about companies’ lack of consumer info

NO ONE IS SAFE: The USB Has Been Hacked

And there’s not much we can do to stop it

Newest Trailer For Chris Nolan's 'Interstellar' Proves It'll Be His 'Most Ambitious Film' Yet

‘Maybe we’ve spent too long trying to figure all this out with theory’

Facebook Faces European Class Action Lawsuit Over Privacy

A Facebook logo on an Ipad is reflected among source code on the LCD screen of a computer in this photo illustration

Law student promises $671 to each user, begs U.S. and Canada to join lawsuit

Apple Closes Deal On Beats By Dre, Leaves 200 Jobs At Risk

A pedestrian walks past a Beats brand display in the subway system of New York

Support, finance and HR expected to be hit hardest

Watch Rob Ford Go Get Coffee With A Rockstar In A Ferrari

‘This is unbelievable’

House GOP Launch Investigation Into FCC Exception For Obama Donor

‘Something smells rotten’

Tesla Announces Q2 Earnings, 'Potential' Site For Gigafactory

Chief Executive of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood

Revenue up 89 percent from Q2 2013

Edward Snowden's Russian Asylum Expires Today

Protesters supporting Snowden hold a photo of him during a demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong

‘We hope that the issue will be resolved today or tomorrow’

Supreme Court And European Union Expose Google's Massive Privacy Liabilities

A computer user poses in front of a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Brussels

‘Google has privacy clay feet’

US Judge Says Microsoft Can't Stop DOJ From Looking At Emails

A employee stands in the Microsoft booth during the 2014 Computex exhibition at the TWTC Nangang exhibition hall in Taipei

But the order is temporarily stayed so Microsoft can appeal

CIA Admits To Infiltrating Senate Computers, Apologizes

Investigation findings prompt internal review

Journalist Sues NSA For Former Head Keith Alexander's Financial Records

Agency failed to acknowledge multiple requests

Microsoft Exposes The Government's Crafty New Method Of Accessing Your Email

A employee stands in the Microsoft booth during the 2014 Computex exhibition at the TWTC Nangang exhibition hall in Taipei

‘The government seeks to sidestep these rules’

Report Shows Mobile Carriers Made Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars From Unauthorized Charges

A man uses a smartphone in New York City

‘Cramming on wireless phones has been widespread and has caused consumers substantial harm’

Watch Pirated Movies On Your Apple TV

Screenshot 2014-07-30 of Popcorn Time website (Source:

Technically it’s legal, but wait until the FTC finds out about this

Man-Made Leaves Could Help Astronauts Breathe

Screenshot 2014-07-30 16.03.35

Using silk and chloroplasts, Julian Melchiorri takes technology to a whole new level

DC Court Rules Officials Must Turn Over Personal Emails In FOIA Requests

Jose Luiz de Oliveira, attorney for Jose Dirceu, chief of staff for former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, holds his mobile phone with an email from Dirceu, during the "mensalao" trial at the Supreme Court in Brasilia

‘I hope this ruling improves the transparency of our government’

Skype Your Doctor For Your Next Checkup With This App

Screenshot 2014-07-30 13.44.32

‘HealthTap’ lets you talk to your doctor without driving to the hospital

Milky Way Doesn't Need To Call Jenny Craig After All

The 10-meter South Pole Telescope and the BICEP Telescope at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Scientists have found it to be much lighter than they thought

Privacy Groups Send Letter To FTC, Demand Facebook Investigation

Facebook website pages opened in an internet browser is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny

Looks like they’re wanting some more regulation