New Lockheed Laser Disables Truck From A Mile Away

Giuseppe Macri
Lockheed Martin Laser

Melts engine manifold in seconds

After Pissing Off Congress, FCC Asks For Biggest Budget In History

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke

Walden takes FCC to task during reauthorization hearing

This Is The Delta Plane That Slid Off The LaGuardia Runway

US | Giuseppe Macri
Delta flight 1086 is seen after it slid off the runway upon landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport

Airport shuts down after plane crashes on landing

Watch This Self-Driving BMW Try To Out-Drift A Racing Champion

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Racing man versus drifting machine

Gawker To Be Penalized By New 'Fact-Based' Search Algorithm, Says Google

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Google CEO Larry Page (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/GettyImages)

‘In other words, they are considered less trustworthy than half of the websites’

Get Your First Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Edward Snowden

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Love him or hate him, you gotta admit the guy’s strong-willed’

Aston Martin Unveiled A Big Surprise At The Geneva Motor Show

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘A piece of fresh, bold thinking about what Aston Martin GT customers around the world could request of us in the future’

Tech Experts, Congressman Agree That Internet Regulation Will Stifle Investment

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke
Pro-net neutrality Internet activists rally in the neighborhood where U.S. President Obama attended a fundraiser in Los Angeles

FCC overreach creates uncertainty for investors, experts claim

STAR WARS: China Is Gunning For Supremacy In Space, Believes War Is Inevitable

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Chinese Army

‘China’s improving space capabilities have negative-sum consequences for U.S. military security’

Hey DC! Send Us Your Secret Service Drone Photos

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Government declines to comment as drones descend on D.C.

Google Decides What Is Fact In New Search Results Ranking System

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Largest global search engine tests fact-based search results

FCC Commissioner Demolishes Net's New Rules, In 3 Quick Points

Business | Peter Fricke
Ajit Pai FCC Commissioner

‘The bogeyman never had it so easy.’

NOT SO FAST: New Net Rules Could Be 'Strike Three For The FCC'

Business | Peter Fricke
Bumper stickers about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's support of Obama's Net Neutrality plan were pasted to stop signs around D.C. early Wednesday morning.

Title II Opponents Predict Courts Will Strike Down Internet Regulations

Government Agency Votes To Regulate Internet Providers

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Cell Phones on Planes

Commission approves ‘the strongest open internet protections ever proposed by the FCC’

This Hidden Tesla Feature Is For Secret Agents Only

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Can you swim?’

New Cybersecurity Interface Could Revolutionize The Way America Handles Attacks

Tech | Evan Wilt
Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw
Cybersecurity tools for those without expert knowledge in computer science

Verizon's Mocking Response To The FCC's Net Neutrality Vote Is Perfect

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A sign hangs in the Verizon booth on the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

FCC net neutrality ‘imposes rules on broadband Internet services that were written in the era of the steam locomotive and the telegraph’

Dem Senator: Net Neutrality Brings European Regulations To American Networks

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Tomorrow is about us taking a step probably a little closer to their approach’

Aston Martin's New Supercar Is On Fire -- Literally

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘A sports car for true sports car lovers’

Net Neutrality Advocacy Group Now Pans Proposal

Tech | Kerry Picket
People enter the building of Federal Communications Commission

‘The general conduct rule will be anything but clear’

Congressional Republicans Are NOT Giving Up The Net Neutrality Fight

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
McConnell listens to a question from a reporter with Barrasso, Thune and Cornyn after the weekly Senate party caucus luncheons at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘One way or another, I am committed to moving a legislative solution’

FCC Commissioner On 'Revised' Net Neutrality Plan: 'I'm Voting No'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Ajit Pai. Getty Images

‘The public still can’t see it’

Police Dash Cam Captures Gas Explosion That Levels A House

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘There’s nothing left there but the basement foundation’

A 'No' Vote For The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Just Became A Possibility

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Chairman Wheeler listens to Commissioner Clyburn testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

Democratic FCC commissioner reportedly backing away from the plan ahead of Thursday’s vote

Experts Highlight America's Struggles In The Robotic Future Of War

Tech | Jude Abeler
US Drones

‘At some point in the near future we will see a 3D-printed drone have an attack on U.S. forces’

Watch McLaren's New Supercar Race The Legendary McLaren F1

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Two supercars 20 years apart go head-to-head

Bionic Eye Allows Blind Man To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

Tech | Scott Cook

Medicine, science, technology and romance all wrapped into one beautiful story

Edward Snowden Answers: Am I A Russian Spy?

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden appears live via video during a student organized world affairs conference at the Upper Canada College private high school in Toronto

‘What are your interactions with Russian state security like?’

Senator Obama: 'Irresponsible' For FCC To Vote On Rules Unreleased To The Public

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Barack Obama speaks at a Senate hearing on lobbying

‘The commission has the responsibility to defend any new proposal in public discourse and debate’

Republican FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler To Delay Net Neutrality Vote, Release Proposal

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘With the future of the entire Internet at stake, it is imperative that the FCC get this right’

The FCC's Predictable Fiasco Of Internet Utility Regulation

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
Wheeler testifies before a House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing on oversight of the FCC on Capitol Hill in Washington

Consider this predictably unpredictable sequence of coming events

FCC Commissioner: Net Neutrality Is A Threat To Free Speech

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Commissioner Pai testifies before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Even ‘a little’ regulation… would suppress significant amounts of political speech’

Snowden, Greenwald And Poitras Answer Questions On Reddit To Promote 'Citizenfour'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald receive the George Polk Awards in New York

‘There is definitely more significant reporting to come’

SIM-Card Maker Says Billions Of Cellphones Are Secure Despite Massive NSA Hack

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A SIM card of Vodafone is pictured in front of a letter of Vodafone in Dortmund

‘Initial conclusions already indicate that Gemalto SIM products are secure’

House Oversight Committee Demands FCC Turn Over Unredacted Net Neutrality Emails With White House

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Wheeler takes his seat to testify before a House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing on oversight of the FCC on Capitol Hill in Washington

Agency asked White House to redact emails prior to disclosure

FDA Begins Approving 'Direct-To-Consumer' Genetic Testing

Tech | Ashley Rae Goldenberg
Molecular Genetics Technical Specialist Jaime Wendt and Mike Tschannen work in the Human and Molecular Genetics Center Sequencing Core at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

Individuals can now check for Bloom syndrome carrier status

Largest SIM-Card Maker Investigates NSA/GCHQ Hack, Gave Agencies Access To Billions Of Cellphones

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
An anti-government protester holds up a sim card before cancelling their AIS subscription during a rally at the Shinawatra building in central Bangkok

‘Gaining access to a database of keys is pretty much game over for cellular encryption’

Mark Cuban: FCC's Net Neutrality Plan 'Will F--- Everything Up'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Businessman Mark Cuban arrives at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas

‘Net neutrality is just a demonization of big companies’

Mark Zuckerberg Enters The Anti-Vaccination Argument On Facebook

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens to a question from the audience in San Francisco

‘The science is completely clear’

FCC/FTC Commissioners: 'The Internet Isn't Broken, And We Don't Need The President's Plan To 'Fix' It'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Ajit Pai. Getty Images

‘We should have an open, transparent debate about whether the president’s plan for Internet regulation is right for America’s consumers’

Spyware Linked To NSA Discovered In Hard Drives Across The World

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin

‘A threat actor that surpasses anything known in terms of complexity and sophistication of techniques’

The FCC Is Not Neutral

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
FCC Chairman Wheeler listens to public comments during a town hall meeting in Oakland

Agency’s lack of neutrality will taint its eventual court case over Title II

Self-Driving Car Outdrives Professional Race Driver For The First Time

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘In the future it could mean we can make driverless cars which drive as well as the best racing drivers’

Watch These F-22 Raptors Refuel In Midair During An Airstrike Against ISIS

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Stealth fighters deployed for recon, air defense and airstrikes in coalition attacks

iSaber? How Apple's Jony Ive Helped J.J. Abrams Design A New 'Star Wars' Lightsaber

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Star Wars The Force Awakens


White House Website Security Fumbles While Obama Addresses Cybersecurity Summit

Tech | Giuseppe Macri


Do The Courts Need Congress To Fight Patent Trolls?

Business | Peter Fricke
Rep. Bob Goodlatte

Experts debate whether recent Supreme Court rulings adequately discourage abusive patent litigation

Watch This F-18 Pick Up An Airborne Cruise Missile And Guide It Into A Moving Ship

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Pilots can re-position missile flight paths in real-time to strike moving targets

FCC Commissioner: Obama's Internet Regs Will Turn Fast American Networks Into Slow European Networks

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and commissioners testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Why would we want to enact President Obama’s plan to import European-style regulation into the United States?’

'Predictive Policing' Is Making 'Minority Report' A Reality

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Minority Report

‘A lot of human behavior can be explained with very simple mathematical models’

Watch SpaceX Launch Its First Deep Space Mission Here

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Liftoff scheduled for 6:03 p.m. E.T.

Dog Vader Is The Most Adorable Jedi We've Ever Seen

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘Most impressive’

Tesla Sold So Few Cars In China Last Month That Elon Musk Is Threatening Firings

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Electric Car Maker Telsa Announces Nevada Site For New Battery Factory

Sales reportedly fell well below company goals

Watch SpaceX Launch Its First Deep-Space Mission, Attempt Second Rocket Landing

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Company will launch a satellite four times further than the Moon

FBI Tells Local Police To Keep Quiet About 'Stingray' Cellphone Trackers

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Holiday Shoppers At Mall Of America

Agency helps departments avoid FOIA requests

ISIS-Aligned Hackers Take Over Newsweek Twitter, Threaten Obamas

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Bloody Valentine’s Day #MichelleObama!’

Republican FCC Commissioner: Obama's Internet Plan 'Worse Than I Imagined'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘The American people are being misled about President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet’

DARPA Hacked A Car To Prove Automakers Aren't Securing Them

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Hacker took control of braking, acceleration and more

FCC Internet Utility Regulation Is A Really Stupid Idea

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
FCC Chairman Wheeler testifies before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Fixing’ what’s not broken — what a stupid idea’

Samsung's Smart TVs Spy On You Even If You Turn Voice Recognition Off

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

The telescreen is listening

Watch Tesla's 'INSANE' Acceleration Make This Phone Defy Gravity

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

This is what 1.2-Gs does to free-floating objects in the world’s fastest sedan

Republican FCC Commissioner Slams 'Obama's 332-Page Plan To Regulate The Internet'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘If you like dealing with the IRS, you are going to love the president’s plan’