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      Betsy Rothstein

      Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Betsy has been covering and torturing Washington media for the past three years. Early on she studied journalism in England, interviewing punk rockers in Piccadilly Square who stole her notebook and ripped it up. After graduating from Union College with a B.A. in Spanish, she began her journalism career in Cambridge, Mass., working for a Cuban newspaper where she conducted man-on-the-street interviews. She asked Latinos about their love lives. “Do Latinos make better lovers or what?” She soon moved out west to Denver, where she worked for two rival Hispanic weeklies for one year each. Next stop: J-school at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned a master’s degree. In the years following grad school she worked at the Boca Raton News as a business reporter followed by a brief stint as a press secretary for former Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.). She spent the next decade on Capitol Hill covering hard news, features and gossip for The Hill Newspaper. In 2009 she quit and moved to Portland, Ore. and wrote about the many long-haired men there who distinctly resemble Jesus. They weren’t all kind (one was fat and confrontational) but she got her story. Prior to joining TheDC, Betsy was the editor of FishbowlDC, a Washington media gossip blog.

Discovery’s ‘Rival Survival’ Is No Brainer PR Move

WASHINGTON DC-September 18, 2014:  News conference National Press Club with Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), left,  and Martin Heinrich (D-NM), right,  to announce their upcoming Discovery Special, RIVAL SURVIVAL. IN the special, both Senators are marooned on an uninhabited island for six days and nights. The Senators undertook this challenge to prove Democrats and Republicans can work together.

The dumbest question to emerge from Discovery Channel's preview event at the National Press Club Thursday came from the Washington Business Journal.

Separated At Birth: NBC’s Willie Geist

1:59 PM 09/19/2014

We've got two pairings for NBC "TODAY Show" co-host and MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Willie Geist. The main pick is a younger Orson Welles, actor, filmmaker, director and radio personality. (But even the older one has pure Willie in his face). The other comes from NBC -- it's Canadian actor Diego Klattenhoff (Showtime's Homeland, NBC's The Blacklist).

TV’s Shonda Rhimes Is NOT An Angry Black Woman, No Matter How Angry She Is At NYT

10:50 AM 09/19/2014

NYT TV critic Alessandra Stanley may want to hide out today. She has declared TV writer Shonda Rhimes an "angry black woman." And boy is Rhimes hopping mad.

Morning Mirror

10:24 AM 09/19/2014

Yes, another f#@king explainer. or WaPo

How Big Of A D**k Is J-Prof Jay Rosen?

5:46 PM 09/18/2014

This is more of a rhetorical question, really.

Couples waving from deck of cruise ship; By Getty Images.

Bon Voyage Politico’s John Harris

1:30 PM 09/18/2014

As news spread clear across Washington Thursday morning that Politico was getting a new editor -- Susan Glasser -- the old editor -- John Harris -- who's keeping his editor-in chief title, was hanging out outside the National Press Club. Harris was the odd choice to emcee an event upstairs promoting "Rival Survival" a new reality show on Discovery Channel starring Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.).

You’d Think Susan Glasser’s Husband Would School The NYT On This

12:32 PM 09/18/2014

Seeing that Politico's new head honcho Susan Glasser is married to NYT Chief White House correspondent Peter Baker, you'd think they wouldn't need so many asinine corrections in a story about her.

Morning Mirror

12:11 PM 09/18/2014


U.S. President  Barack Obama (R) and British Prime Minister David Cameron pose for a picture with Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt (C) next to U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (R) during the memorial service of South African former president Nelson Mandela at the FNB Stadium (Soccer City) in Johannesburg on Dec. 10, 2013. (AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SCHMIDT)

Michelle Obama SHOCKS The Internet: ‘I Don’t Like Selfies’

10:48 AM 09/18/2014

The thing about the modern day selfie is that when a 13-year-old patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis asks nicely, you look like such an a--#@!& if you say no.

Politico Names New FEMALE Editor

8:53 AM 09/18/2014

With their global expansion into Europe, Politico is making big changes. Today they named Politico Magazine founding editor Susan Glasser editor of the publication. The Mirror has learned that Editor-in-Chief John Harris will maintain his title, but will take on an expanded role to focus on plans abroad.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder provides an update on the Justice DepartmentÕs efforts in Ferguson, Missouri, during a news conference with Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Molly Moran and Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Director 
Ronald Davis at the department's headquarters September 4, 2014 in Washington, DC. Holder announced a federal civil rights investigation of the Furguson, Missouri, police department after white officer Darren Wilson from shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michale Brown last month.

Department Of Justice, Media Matters Coordinate To Attack Reporter

12:24 AM 09/18/2014

Since when does the Department of Justice coordinate with an obviously liberal media organization to go after a conservative reporter? It's official: At least since 2011.

This Town Lawyer Lanny Davis Scolds Reporters, Pundits

3:43 PM 09/17/2014

President Bill Clinton's former special counsel Lanny Davis took to Wednesday to defend a nationwide pariah: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

By Lauren Eissler

Twitter Narcissus: Who Doesn’t Enjoy A Compliment? (These Guys, That’s Who)

2:34 PM 09/17/2014

So much narcissism on Twitter, so little time.

Rep. Michele Bachmann Joins The ‘No Poo’ Movement

12:37 PM 09/17/2014

No, this isn't about Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) giving up defecating. It's about her giving up shampoo. This week she admitted on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family show that she's a "half-pooer."

Morning Mirror

11:34 AM 09/17/2014

Alec Baldwin rags on the press 

EXCLUSIVE: CNN’s Crossfire Begins Dumping Staff

1:17 PM 09/16/2014

Is CNN new "Crossfire" leaving us so soon?

Bon Appetit Breaking: CNN’s Jake Tapper Does Not Use Fake Sugar

12:33 PM 09/16/2014

When you work for a major cable news network and host your own show, you get all kinds of oddball requests. Maybe it's a role on a well-known soap opera or, just maybe, it's an interview request from Bon Appétit Magazine. CNN's Jake Tapper took part in the latter for a feature called "Morning Routine," where they examine how "celebrities" start their days.

REALLY? Discovery’s ‘Rival Survivor’ Is ‘Unprecedented’ TV Event

11:59 AM 09/16/2014

Unprecedented, really?

DON’T JUDGE: At 7 Months Pregnant, Should S.E. Cupp Be Dove Hunting?

11:24 AM 09/16/2014

In late August, CNN "Crossfire" co-host S.E. Cupp was invited to go dove hunting. And no, she couldn't refuse, despite having a 7-month bun in the oven with husband John Goodwin.