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Bath Time

Jezebel has an exposé on flushing tampons down the toilet... For whatever horrible reason I had to click on this. Something I didn't know? If you flush it, it'll end up in the street, washed up on the beach or you're calling a plumber. The worst part about this piece...just under the byline it reads: Filed to Period Pieces. This is a genre? Read here.

Twitter Narcissus: Garrett Graff is a giant a**

4:46 PM 04/24/2014

Washingtonian's editor Garrett Graff is leaving the magazine after five years. The news surfaced Wednesday afternoon.

Polar bear twin cubs are seen in Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo March 4, 2008. The male cubs were born on November 30, 2007, and left their cave for the first time today.  REUTERS/Heinz-Peter Bader  (AUSTRIA)

Separated at Birth: Politico’s Dylan Byers

3:53 PM 04/24/2014

This is the third time I've found a twin (or twins) for Politico's media writer Dylan Byers, which is making me feel a bit stalkerish. My first stab at this included serial killer Charles Manson and comedian Dennis Miller. Next up was one of President Obama's speechwriters who made even Byers do a double take.

White House reporter apologizes to dead composer and 15th century folk hero for errors

2:39 PM 04/24/2014

Was it extreme hunger that made him do it?

National Journal promotes Witherspoon to Prez of Government Executive

11:39 AM 04/24/2014

National Journal Group CEO Tim Hartman today named Constance Sayers Witherspoon president of Government Executive Media Group and Tom Shoop executive vice president and editor in chief of the brand.

DRAMA QUEEN! Breitbart’s Texas ‘bureau chief’ back on Twitter

9:52 AM 04/24/2014

He's risen from the ashes (or something like that) and Brandon Darby, Breitbart News' Texas "bureau chief" is back on Twitter after declaring himself done with it nine days ago.

Mike Elk out at In These Times?

8:58 AM 04/24/2014

Mike Elk, the outspoken labor reporter for In These Times who has ruffled feathers with a Washington journalist or six, might soon be out of a job.

Morning Mirror

8:35 AM 04/24/2014

ScarJoe's faux presidential campaign persists

Morning Mirror

9:07 AM 04/23/2014

Standout lede: "Imagine the uproar if a stray bullet had hit the panda." -- WaPo columnist Courtland Milloy wondering what would've happened if the incident at the National Zoo this week involved a panda instead of two black people.  Full story. How he promo-ed the story on Twitter: "A friendly reminder: do not throw oreos at the pandas the next time you go to the zoo."

Cenk Uygur fumes at Politico’s Dylan Byers: ‘What the f**k does that mean?’

8:34 AM 04/23/2014

In the ring: Cenk Uygur, host of the online news show The Young Turks, and Politico's media writer Dylan Byers. TV One's Roland Martin jumped into the fray to defend Cenk, but was not one of the major fighters.

Tom Brokaw is bad for David Gregory’s brand

3:34 PM 04/22/2014

Can NBC send Tom Brokaw on a nice, long vacation to a remote beach without Wifi? For NBC "MTP" host David Gregory's sake that might be the best option right about now.

Why Washington D.C. gossip STILL sucks

2:40 PM 04/22/2014

Quite possibly the dumbest story I've ever read in my life (or at least in the month of April) has entered my radar screen. It's a story by none other than U.S. News & World Report's "gossip" columnist Nikki Schwab, who is still writing the same vanilla infused items she wrote for "Yeas & Nays" at the Washington Examiner.

Bath Time

12:56 PM 04/22/2014

On being authentically yourself... In a beautiful story by The New Republic's senior editor Noam Scheiber, he explains why he's majorly cutting down on speaking to his daughter in Hebrew. There's a time and place for first-person stories and this was it. An excerpt: "For example, I am funny in English. Or at least I have my moments. Not so in Hebrew. My Hebrew self turns out to be much colder, more earnest, and, let’s face it, less articulate." Read the full story here.

Writer fully discloses sexual orientation for no good reason

12:19 PM 04/22/2014

In the me-ification of the digital age, disclosing any kernel about yourself has become the norm. But when does it go too far? And when should you keep your gayness to yourself and let the reader enjoy the story?

What will Chelsea Clinton’s baby look like?

11:49 AM 04/22/2014

The Mirror put Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinksy through a bunch of different morphing programs with the hopes of determining what their baby will look like. Thing is, this is no more ridiculous, as Jeff Greenfield points out in The Daily Beast, than all the random speculation of what implications Chelsea's baby will have for Hillary Clinton's potential presidential run in 2016. His acid-toned story has the headline, "Stop the Baby Clinton Madness."

Morning Mirror

11:02 AM 04/22/2014

Heads up LSD users "LSD-like drug called "Smiles" surfaces in area, sends 3 teenage girls to hospital in Loudoun County." -- NBC Washington.

Thank you for Sharing

4:42 PM 04/21/2014

Mark Kleiman, a public policy prof at UCLA, was a little upset about the way I described his interview about cannabis policy with Vox Media's head honcho Ezzzra Klein in a post Monday morning. I'm yawning with hot, salty tears just thinking about that interview. In my story, I described the conversation as a potential sleep aid for those who suffer from conditions such as insomnia. I also described Kleiman as "something of a hairy beast" who hasn't likely groomed himself in awhile.

Bath Time

1:30 PM 04/21/2014

What happens when a reporter stops being himself and puts on Google Glass...If you didn't already fear what technology could do to our culture, read The Weekly Standard's lengthy (but well worth the read) story on what it was it's like to live Google Glass. Mid-reporting, Google PR tries to give him a lot of shit, but see how author Matt Labash handles it. Let's just say they won't be playing tennis anytime soon. Read here

NYT’s ‘This Town’ author to dish more dirt

12:24 PM 04/21/2014

Come April 30, Chief National Correspondent for NYT Magazine and This Town author Mark Leibovich will appear at Sixth & I synagogue in downtown Washington where he'll face the firing squad of The New Republic's editor Franklin Foer and NYT op-ed columnist David Brooks.