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Texas Man Stung Hundreds Of Times In Bee Attack

A colony of honeybees swarm on the ledge of a window outside the Media Centre in Bern

‘When we got there they were just swarming all over him’

Catholic Cardinal Embraces Islam

Will Muslims offer Catholic prayers?

FEMA Demands A Refund From Flood-Ravaged Colorado Town

‘We have real good use for it … so to take it back was a real shock’

Palin Family Allegedly Involved In A Brawl

‘Don’t you know who I am?’

Border Patrol Spent $680,000 Per Dwelling To House Agents

Average home in the area goes for just $86,500

Report: Obamacare To Cancel Health Plans For 250,000 Virginians

‘If you like your plan, you can keep it’

These Touching Moments After 9/11 Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

On its 13th anniversary, we remember

Bush Spokesman Ari Fleischer Tweets First-Hand Account Of 9/11

‘I was in the classroom with the President watching the reading event’

Sept. 12 Headlines Describe The Tragedy Of 9/11/01


This Senate Candidate Was In The Pentagon On 9/11. His Story:

‘We all wanted to stay in, and try to help’

San Diego School District Gets Its Own Mine-Resistant Army Vehicle

Attendees look at the Lenco MRAP Bear SWAT Team vehicle at 7th annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix

‘We can fit about a full elementary class into the back of the vehicle’

Wannabe Teen Jihadi Pleads Guilty To Terrorism Charges In Denver Court

19-year-old wanted to marry a Tunisian terrorist and wage war against the U.S.

Dem Rep. Admits Obamacare Doubled His Family's Health Insurance Costs

Not good press for the health-care law

WH Says It'll Veto GOP Obamacare Bill That Would Make Obama's 'Administrative Fix' Law

‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan’

Trump Golf Course Tells Obama No He Can't

No tee times for the president on these links

Atheist Group Now Wants Everybody To Sit Out The Pledge Of Allegiance

‘Stand up for America by sitting down’

Voters Don't Like Obamacare, And Probably Never Will

Obamacare support has been cratering for years

DC Traffic Tickets Are A Huge Revenue Generator And Hard To Fight

Parking Ticket

‘You are guilty until you have proven yourself innocent…That has worked well for us’

Female Marine: Women Do Not Belong In Marine Corps Infantry

Female Marine recruits

‘Women are different (not just physically) than men’