VA Kept Veterans Waiting More Than 100 Days For Care

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Homeless Veterans Get Medical Care And Supplies At "Stand Down Event"

Many of the Central Alabama VA Health Care System leaders were aware of these issues

MSNBC Cancels Three Of Its Awful, Awful Shows

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Ed Schultz (MSNBC Screenshot)

It’s a start

Inside The Cyber Attack That Took Down Planned Parenthood

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Anti-abortion activist delivered a signed declaration and a plastic fetus to Mick Krieger, chief of staff for House Minority Leader John Boeher (R-OH), during a meeting in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill November 5, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It’s actually pretty easy

Cecil The Lion's Wikipedia Page Not Created Until After His Death

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Piper Hoppe, 10, from Minnetonka, Minnesota, holds a sign at the doorway of River Bluff Dental clinic in protest against the killing of a famous lion in Zimbabwe, in Bloomington, Minnesota July 29, 2015.  REUTERS/Eric Miller

‘Are you saying that all this noise is about a dead lion?’

IG: After Billions In Loans, Almost All Obamacare Co-Ops Are In The Red

Daily Caller News Foundation | Sarah Hurtubise
Obama with Obama Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Are taxpayers’ billions at risk?

New Report: If Ash Carter Wants To, He Can Arm Stateside US Military Personnel

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Defense Secretary Ash Carter

‘The Secretary of Defense could rely on his or her general authority…to allow servicemembers to carry government-issued firearms’

DC Congresswoman: DC Is 'Proud To Be A Sanctuary City'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
An immigration protestor holds up a banner while US President Barack Obama speaks on immigration reform at the Copernicus Community Center on November 25, 2014 in Chicago. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN        (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

‘We stand with our illegal immigrants’

FBI A 'Black Hole,' Still Not Sharing Intel Widely Enough 14 Years After 9/11

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ethan Barton
Michael Horowitz, DOJ Inspector General, testifies before Congress.

‘It is perceived by the private sector as akin to sending information into a black hole.’

HOUSE OF HORRORS: Snakes, Reptiles Dirty Diapers Land Mother In Legal Trouble For Mistreating Children

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper

‘I’ve never seen anything like it in my 20 years doing this’

Gitmo Detainees May Be Set Loose On US Streets If Obama Gets His Way, Retired Navy Commander Warns

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
File photo of detainees sitting in a holding area at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay

‘Detainees don’t have to escape from Supermax if judges let them out’

'Senseless, Asinine Shooting' Has Police Officer Facing Murder Charges After Grand Jury Saw This Video

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
Screenshot, Body Camera, Youtube,

This doesn’t happen in the United States, OK?

See How The 'Research' Sausage Is Made In Latest Planed Parenthood Footage

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘And another boy!’

Man With Arsenal In His Car Arrested After Asking Cop For Directions To The White House

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
walk down Pennsylvania Avenue en route to the White House, Monday, Jan. 21, 2013, in Washington. Thousands  marched during the 57th Presidential Inauguration parade after the ceremonial swearing-in of President Barack Obama. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Good thing he didn’t have a GPS…

Fetal Tissue Company Tries To Halt New Planned Parenthood Videos

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Pro-life supporter Marcinda Haedge (R) o

Nothing to hide, here

Air Traffic Control Upgrade Creates Near 'CATASTROPHIC' Airplane-Related Malfunction

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ethan Barton
Fact Check FAA Furloughs.JPEG

‘Senior program officials at the headquarters level actively withheld and suppressed bad news.’

Text Messages Show Marilyn Mosby's Office Went 'Judge-Shopping'

US | Chuck Ross
File photo of Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby speaking on recent violence in Baltimore

Prosecutors asked second judge to sign warrant

Veto Threat Didn't Stop The House From Passing Act Making It Easier To Fire VA Employees

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Jeff Miller

‘We need to be able to get rid of them’

Washington, DC Is Literally Sinking Into The Ocean

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
Screenshot from 2012

Dropping almost as fast as Congress’s approval rating

Planned Parenthood FLIPS OUT After Brief Cyber Attack

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards introduces US President Barack Obama before he addresses the Planned Parenthood national conference in Washington on April 26, 2013. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Our site is not available due to an attack by extremists’

Planned Parenthood President Takes To WaPo Editorial Pages To Defend The Organization

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
cecile richards

‘The most recent attacks in this decades-long campaign represent a new low’