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Kim Kardashian Yearns To Be Bikini-Clad Again

Especially in this fire engine red one

Johnny Manziel's First Commercial Is A Bit Underwhelming

It’s no middle finger to the Redskins

Google Bans Privacy App That Prevents Data Sharing From Android Store

‘We are 100 percent opposed to advertising that invisibly tracks people and compromises their security’

This High School Might As Well Change Its Name To 'Jihadi High'

Two dead American terrorists from the same school

You Won't Believe What's Now Considered Racist

Did you know reading is totally racist too?!

Memphis VA RETALIATING Against Daily Caller Whistle-Blowers

New secretary’s promise broken: ‘There are no bad whistle-blowers’

What Obama Said That 'Shocked' Charles Krauthammer

‘I thought the president could no longer surprise me. I was wrong’

Obama Hints He'll Delay Amnesty Until After Election

So maybe the election will be all about Obama’s amnesty

Liberal Commentator: Obama's New Climate Plan 'Clearly A Violation Of Treaty-Making Power'

‘It will go nowhere in the courts’

Virginia Legislation Puts A Serious Dent In Patent Trolls

‘Sue first, discuss later’

Gohmert Slams Obama's Mideast Strategy: 'Consistently Chosen Side Of Radical Islamists'

Calls Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad ‘the lesser of two evils’

Nevada Obamacare Exchange Isn't Paying Its Insurance Brokers

‘It makes life extremely difficutl when you dont’ get paid after working very hard’

Santorum Slams Rand Paul For Advocating 'Obama's Failed Isolationism'

Santorum and the DNC agree

Santa Fe Joins Others In Decriminalizing Marijuana

‘It still is an historic win for us all’

NATO Releases Satellite Photos Proving Russia Is Lying About Invading Ukraine

‘Russian combat soldiers…are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory’

Spain's Green Economy: Skyrocketing Power Prices And Higher CO2 Emissions

‘Those policies have been disastrous’

Hillary Finally Picks Sides On Ferguson: 'Cannot Ignore Inequities That Persist In Our Justice System'

‘Imagine what we would feel, and what we would do’