Bill Clinton Tried To Give Paid Speeches In North Korea And Other Regimes With Hillary Was Secretary of State

Politics | Steve Guest

Those are some of the ‘most repressive regimes in the world’

MSNBC Host Calls Hillary's 'Terrorist Groups' Comment 'Beneath Her'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘It feels a little desperate, I have to say’

Rubio: Hillary Is 'A Failing Candidate'

Elections | Steve Guest

Hillary has ‘no credibility’

Meet The Boston Bomber Juror Who Is Having Second Thoughts

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper

‘If I had known that, I probably — I probably would change my vote’

Former Democrat DESTROYS Minimum Wage Debate On Facebook

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘You’re not paid for your personal life and your butt-hurt emotions, bro!’

Trump: Hillary 'Doesn't Have A Clue' On Women's Health Issues

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I will take care of women’s health and women’s health issues better… than Hillary’

Simultaneous Destruction Of Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammo Sounds Like Satan Making Popcorn At Midnight

Tech | Christian Datoc

Oddly therapeutic.

Christie: Members Of Congress Call For More Gun Laws To 'Feel Useful'

Elections | Steve Guest

We need to focus on mental health

Scarborough Cheers MSNBC Firing Liberal Hosts

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Thanks, Andy!’

O'Malley: 'Huge Mistake' For Democrats To Let Clinton Email Scandal Define National Debate

Elections | Steve Guest

‘These are serious and legitimate questions’

Trump Has Audience Member Stroke His Hair To Shame The New York Times

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Just come on up here’

Exclusive: John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz A 'Jackass' At Fundraiser

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘I about fell on the floor’

Hillary Compares Pro-Life Republicans To Terrorists

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world.’

Flanagan Wore An Obama Sticker During 2012 Election, Got Rebuked

US | Chuck Ross

Had history of aggression at work

Rand Tells 'Black Lives Matter' To 'Change Their Name'

US | Christian Datoc

‘Commandeering the microphone and bullying people and pushing people out of the way’

'Donald Trump' Calls Conan To Discuss Ramos, The 'Motorized Pinata Full of Hot Sauce'

Entertainment | Steve Guest

‘There’s a lever on your chair, reach down, and lower your chair’

Slain Reporter's Father: 'I'm For The Second Amendment, But Politicians... Are Cowards'

US | Christian Datoc

‘Come to grips and make some sensible laws so crazy people can’t get guns.’

Usain Bolt Wins 200m World Championships, Immediately Run Over By Out-Of-Control Segway Guy

Sports | Christian Datoc


Flanagan's Road Rage Incident Caught On Video Weeks Before Double Murder

US | Kerry Picket

‘OK, you need to lose some weight, sir’

CNN Guest Calls Trump An 'Abusive Boyfriend' Who Will 'Punch You In The Eye'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘He’s going to punch you in the eye’