DNC Chair Candidate Stumbles When Pressed On Anti-Semitism

Politics | Ian Mason

Deny, deny, deny

Trump Just Met With CEOs At The White House -- The Joke He Made About Hillary Had Them In Stitches

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Oh, boy…’

Oklahoma Football Player Who Hit A Woman Still Training For The NFL

Sports | Ford Springer

The Smoke Room

He’s getting ready for the next level

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino Loses His Mind - Is Held Back From Fighting A Fan

Sports | David Hookstead

The Smoke Room


DHS Secretary Kelly: Calm Down, No One's Planning 'Mass Deportations'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘There will be no mass roundups’

Coulter DROPS A BOMB On Tucker: Trump Needs To Drop Pence As VP And Replace Him With...

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘My favorite human being…’

Kellyanne Conway Just Made A Bold Prediction For Where Donald Trump Will Be In 2020

Politics | Kaitlan Collins

She has no doubt…

Nancy Pelosi's Latest Speech Had More Holes Than A Hunk Of Swiss Cheese

Politics | Christian Datoc

No, no, no… John Kasich isn’t the Governor of Illinois

The Left Thought Kellyanne Conway Had Been 'Sidelined' From TV. She's Telling A Completely Different Story.

Politics | Kaitlan Collins

‘I assure you…’

Keith Ellison Calls For Impeachment Investigations Of Trump

Politics | Chuck Ross

‘Legitimately raise the questions of impeachment’

Trump's Pick For EU Ambassador Sides With Turkey On Imam's Extradition

Video | Chuck Ross

Says cleric ‘was accused of being linked to the Clinton Foundation’

Pence Just Spoke At The Vandalized Jewish Cemetery -- These Words Had The Crowd Roarin'

Politics | Christian Datoc


Can You Believe What Gwen Stefani Said About Blake Shelton Said During This Interview?

Entertainment | Smoke Room Staff

The Smoke Room


The RNC's Latest Ad Highlights How 'Democrats Are In Total Disarray'

Politics | Ian Mason

‘We like to think of ourselves as the smart ones, but the reality is, we’ve been outclassed…’

Video Released Of Harrison Ford's Dangerous Airplane Landing

Entertainment | Ford Springer

The Smoke Room

He’s lucky he missed the airliner under him

Rachel Maddow Gleefully Recounts Joni Ernst's Raucous Town Hall

Politics | Ian Mason

‘I wonder…’

Hope Beel Is Now Using Dogs In Her Workouts

Sports | David Hookstead

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They are a man’s best friend

UPS Looks To Cut Amazon's Wings

Daily Caller News Foundation | Eric Lieberman

‘Today was a test. Tomorrow…we deliver’

MIKA MELTDOWN: When The 'Morning Joe' Host Said This About Trump And The Media, People FREAKED

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘That’s our job…’

Celebrate The 37-Year Anniversary Of The 'Miracle On Ice'

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