Police Release Video Of Brazen Shooter Who Fired On Man At Point Blank Range

US | Ted Goodman

Police are searching for a black male, 5’8″

Joy Behar Slams The First Lady As An Illegal Immigrant On Her Birthday

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

She just went there

Sports Illustrated Model Busts Out Tiny Bikini In Never-Before-Seen Video

Entertainment | David Hookstead

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John Legend Fires Off A Long List Of Reasons Trump Is A 'Terrible President'

Entertainment | Ford Springer

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‘He’s manifestly unqualified…’

Emily Ratajkowski Gives Her Fans A Glimpse Of Her Most Recent Photo Shoot

Entertainment | Ford Springer

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Trump's 7-Word Joke About The Ninth Circuit Court Is WINNING In A Nutshell

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Were you surprised by the Ninth’s ruling?’

ISIS Fighter Blows Himself To Bits All Over TV Correspondents

National Security | Russ Read

The explosion sent his head flying

Jim Harbaugh Presents Pope Francis With A Michigan Helmet And A Pair Of Jordans

Sports | Ford Springer

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Just another day in the life of Jim Harbaugh

The WTF Moment From Paul Ryan's Press Conference Ended With Him Giggling Like A School Girl

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Wow, that was interesting.’

Dem Rep Is 'Eager' To Work With Trump On This Issue -- MSNBC Host Can't Believe It

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘We should do it’

WATCH: Police Officer Dives To Save Man From Jumping Off Building

US | Amber Randall
'I just wanted to catch up to him'

Sean Spcier Spills A Big League Secret About Trump's Plans For Iran

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Going to take appropriate action…’

Ivanka Trump Gets Asked About Letting Syrian Refugees In The U.S. Her Answer Is Very Different Than Her Father's

Politics | Kaitlan Collins

‘I think…’

Maxine Waters Just Surpassed Herself On Crazy Russian Theories

Politics | Chuck Ross
'We need to keep an eye on him!'

This CNN Panelist Just Did Some Hardcore Mansplaining To Ivanka

Politics | Katherine San Dimas

Trump can’t be happy about this…

TMZ's Harvey Levin Opens Up About His Meeting With President Trump

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

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‘I voiced an opinion’

Faye Dunaway Finally Speaks Out About Her Part In Historic Oscar Flub

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

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‘I was very guilty’

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Thanks His Father In Emotional Retirement Speech

Sports | Ford Springer

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‘I would not have been a racecar driver if not for him believing in me’

Joy Behar Called Marine Le Pen The 'N-Word'

Entertainment | Mike Raust

Did she go too far?

Elise Lobb Hits The Golf Course For Tutorial -- Her Outfit Would Be A Hit At The Masters

Sports | David Hookstead

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