Nigel Farage Says Establishment Still Can't Grasp Why Middle America Voted For Trump And Middle England Voted For Brexit

Politics | Nick Givas
'Desperately looking for an excuse'

Joe Scarborough Calls GOP Efforts To Impeach Rod Rosenstein 'Putin's Bidding'

Politics | Nick Givas
'That was depressing'

The Moment Trump Sat Down With Putin

Video | Ryan Pickrell
'I think we will end up having an extraordinary relationship'

Dan Bongino Educates Trump's Russia Critics: 'Nobody has been stronger on Putin than Trump'

Politics | Nick Givas
'Trump confronted him'

Celebrate Will Ferrell's Birthday With His 10 Greatest Movies [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
Happy Birthday!

Gowdy Rules Out Potential Rosenstein Impeachment

Politics | Scott Morefield
Not happening, and here's why ...

Howard Kurtz Says What Everyone Is Thinking About Trump, Acosta Dust-Up -- 'Acosta Was Interrupting' John Roberts

Media | Scott Morefield
Details are important!

DNC Chair Tom Perez Squirms Away From Questions About Letting FBI Access DNC's Computers

Media | Mike Brest

SF Mayor Says Her City Is Drowning In S***: 'There's More Feces ... Than I've Ever Seen'

US | Andrew Kerr
'This is a huge problem'

US Ambassador To Russia: Trust Trump To Deal With Putin Because He Is Greatest Negotiator Ever Elected

Politics | Evie Fordham
'The President has pretty good instincts'

CNN Anchor Loses It On Air, Calls Russian Meddling ‘A Terror Strike’

Media | Mike Brest

Rand Paul: Russia Is Always Going To Meddle In Our Elections, Just Like We're Going To Meddle In Theirs

US | Thomas Phippen
'They are going to interfere in our elections, we also do the same'

Rep. Gohmert Defends Low Blow On Strzok, Points Out Big Revelation From His Testimony

Media | Mike Brest
'He knew he was lying, he knew I knew he was lying'

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa Cuts Right To The Heart Of FBI Scandal: 'Peter Strzok Is A Bad Guy'

Politics | Nick Givas
Slams Strzok for using federally funded cell phone for affair

'Asleep At The Switch' -- CNN's Tapper Lights Up Obama Administration On Russian Hacking

Media | Scott Morefield

Democratic Lawmakers In A Tizzy Over Trump-Putin Meeting [VIDEO]

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
Trump will bring up Russia's meddling

'America Has Been Hoodwinked!' -- Here's What London's Anti-Trump Protesters Had To Say To Hannity

Media | Scott Morefield
And it was about as weird as you would imagine ...

Al Franken Gives Democrats Advice On Questioning New SCOTUS Pick Despite Famously Flubbing With Past SCOTUS Pick

US | Molly Prince
'Weirdly specific bit of bulls**t'

Nigel Farage Challenges Theresa May's Competency As Prime Minister: 'She's Not Up To The Job'

Politics | Nick Givas
'Sense of betrayal'

'I Love Reading Fiction': Mattis Responds To Report That The Pentagon Is In 'Damage Control' Mode

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'People are entitled to their opinion even if it is not fact-based'

Peter Strzok's Congressional Hearing Was A Disaster -- For Him

Politics | Anders Hagstrom

Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Scolds Congressional Dems For Embarrassing Themselves At Strzok Hearings

Politics | Nick Givas
'It was an embarrassment'

Trump Singles Out Reporter Wearing A Hat And Makes Him Take It Off — Audience Roars

Politics | Benny Johnson
'A good, solid head of hair'

Trump TOTALLY Unapologetic -- Throws Political Correctness Out The Window, Goes Off On Immigration

Politics | Justin Caruso
Calls immigration 'a very negative thing for Europe'

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