Texas Shooter Killed Girl First Because She Turned Down His Advances, Embarrassed Him In Class


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The first person 17-year-old Texas shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis reportedly killed during his rampage at Santa Fe High School was a girl who had turned down several of his romantic advances and then embarrassed him in class.

Victim Shana Fisher’s mother, Sadie Rodriguez, told the Los Angeles Times in a Facebook private message that her daughter “had 4 months of problems from this boy.”

“He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no,” she wrote.

As Pagourtzis persisted and got more aggressive in his advances, Fisher’s mother said her daughter “finally stood up to him and embarrassed him in class,” according to the Times. (RELATED: USA Today: Guns Used In Texas Shooting Were ‘Less Lethal’ Than Other Shootings)

“A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn’t like,” wrote Rodriguez. “Shana being the first one.”

Rodriguez didn’t tell the Times how she knew her daughter was shot first.

Pagourtzis told authorities after he was captured that he targeted students he “didn’t like.” Several of the shooter’s social media pages show disturbing images of guns, knives and animal torture, as well as a shirt emblazoned with the words “born to kill” and a trench coat with USSR and Nazi medals pinned on it. (RELATED: Suspect In Texas Shooting Posted Disturbing Images Of Guns, Knives, ‘Born To Kill’ Shirt Online)

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