Tapper Rains On Pollers’ Parade After Republicans Win Close Races

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Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Jake Tapper said he was shocked at how poor the polling was leading up to the midterm elections after many Democrats lost toss-up races on Tuesday night.


“I have to say, I am struck, once again — as I was two years ago — and maybe I should stop being struck by this, but I’m struck at how wrong the polling was in so many of these places. Obviously, there were polls that showed Andrew Gillum winning the governor’s office in Florida,” Tapper stated. (RELATED: CNN’s Jake Tapper: ‘This Is Not A Blue Wave’)

He continued:

There were polls suggesting that it was neck and neck in Georgia between Stacey Abrams and Jeff Kemp, and we were … it looked to several people like Mike DeWine was not going to win tonight — Ohio governor. Once again, I don’t want to be mean to my friends who work in the polling industry, and I understand the margin of error is something we in journalism and the public don’t emphasize enough. But, once again, it does seem like there are some Republican votes that people are not able to pick up.

Republicans Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley, Ron DeSantis and Mike Braun, among others, won hotly contested races.

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