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MSNBC’s Ruhle Gets Into It With Sen. Cotton

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What exquisite timing to get into an argument with a senator who served in the U.S. military. Um…happy Veterans Day?

It took Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton applauding President Trump and his administration’s efforts to fix the nation’s broken immigration laws for MSNBC talent to challenge him. Without naming him, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle went on the attack.

Cotton then struck back.

While this isn’t the nastiest of Twitter fights, it’s not often that a sitting U.S. senator personally attacks a TV journalist for where she lives.

Cotton wrote: “I applaud the administration’s efforts to fix our broken asylum system. Individuals with valid asylum claims should apply in their home countries or a safe third country, not by showing up at our border.”

Ruhle replied, “In a perfect world, they would send hand written [sic] notes on letter press [sic] & fill out the necessary paper work [sic] with fountain pens. But here on planet Earth … Many asylum seekers are fleeing grave, life-threatening situations. They are running for their lives.”

Cotton didn’t take her tweet sitting down.

“@SRuhle Since you seem to care more about Twitter snark than facts, how about this: let’s admit an unlimited number of refugees as long as they live in your fancy apartment building & your rich Manhattan neighborhood,” he wrote. “Planet Earth thanks you for your virtue-signaling.”

Ruhle isn’t the heartless type. She recently cried on air while discussing voting. She also cried back in June while reporting on immigrant children. But she isn’t afraid to get snarky when she needs to. Take the time one of her guests told her to “chill” on air. Let’s just say her reaction did not indicate that she was chill.

But with Cotton, she quickly tried to play nice and attempted to patch things up with the senator.

“But @TomCottonAR – if you want to talk about the people who live in my fancy NYC building, it’s my kids & they are somewhat familiar with challenges immigrants face from our time doing hurricane relief volunteering, Fresh Air Fund hosting & serving meals at shelters.”

Ruhle wrapped up their tense exchange by thanking him for his service.

She added, “& on this #VeteransDay — both my children & I thank you for serving our country @TomCottonAR.”

In 2005, Cotton joined the U.S. Army. He was ultimately deployed to both Baghdad and eastern Afghanistan. He was discharged from the Army Reserve in 2013 after receiving a Bronze Star Medal, among a slew of other awards.