Joy Behar Says Ivanka Is A Hypocrite Because Of Private Email Use. Meghan McCain Says Clinton’s Situation Is Different

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar of “The View” called out Ivanka Trump after a report from The Washington Post said that the first daughter used a private email for official business. Fellow co-host Meghan McCain claimed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did a lot more than just use a private email account.

The comments came during a Tuesday discussion on “The View.” The group debated the WaPo story in light of the trouble Clinton got into for her use of a private email server during the 2016 election. (RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

“You know what’s amazing, is this girl [Ivanka] was there in 2016. I mean was she in a convent?” Behar quipped. “She was watching TV just like the rest of us. How dumb can a person be to go and make the same mistake that he [President Donald Trump] has been bitching about the whole time? I mean, people, wake up.”

Goldberg responded that she thought the first daughter had stated that she was “sort of unclear” about how the emails get used.

“So was Hillary,” Behar snapped back.

“I call B.S. on that,” Sunny Hostin interjected. “She’s [Ivanka] pleading ignorance to the rules. And I never worked in the White House, but I certainly worked in the Justice Department for seven years. It’s one of the first things they tell you.”

It’s why, to this very day, I have a personal email and a private e-mail,” she added. “I work for ABC News and I don’t think that you combine your personal life with your work life. […] So, I really call B.S. on ‘I didn’t know better.’ I think it’s the height of hypocrisy, frankly.”

“I thought it was interesting that both women had the same thing about these e-mails and it made me wonder. Is there something that makes you unsure about whether you should be using your personal e-mail to be sending stuff?” Goldberg said.

Abby Hunstman interjected that she knows Ivanka a little bit and she’s “as scripted as they come” and there’s really not going to be anything there if Democrats want to investigate.

McCain stepped in and reminded the table that Hillary Clinton did more than just use a private email account.

“Let us not forget, Hillary had e-mails deleted by a computer specialist amid a congressional investigation,” McCain shared. “And she had her aides smash her devices with a hammer. That is a difference.”

“But it provoked the question, does that change the fact that people are using their personal e-mails?” Goldberg replied. “Regardless of how they did it. But does it change the fact that they are using personal e-mails?”

“Destroying e-mails during an investigation is still different and smashing devices with a hammer, having your aides do it, to me is still different,” McCain replied. “Do I think it’s hypocritical? 100 percent. Do I think she should have known better? 100 percent. But I agree with Abby on this one, we should be more concerned about, and my father said this, when a car alarm is going off every day, you get desensitized to what’s really important.”

“What we should be most fearful of is the fact that our president is still using his personal phone,” she added. “I care about that much more about much more than I care about this.”

“But you guys chose this and that’s why we’re talking about it,” Goldberg replied. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Admits To Discussing Sex ‘Questions’ With Underage Neil Patrick Harris)

“I didn’t choose it. It’s in the news,” McCain responded.

Huntsman attempted to calm things down by saying people should focus on the “bigger picture” and Hostin came back at her “Why does [Ivanka] get a pass?”

“If this is this important,” McCain interjected. “No, no, no. This is hypocritical. You don’t think that Hillary did it?”

Goldberg then ended the discussion and threw to a commercial break.