AAF Co-Founder Charlie Ebersol Was Reportedly Paid Over $14,000 Days Before Bankruptcy Filing

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Alliance of American Football just continues to prove it’s a circus, and the latest update involves co-founder Charlie Ebersol.

According to Daniel Kaplan, Ebersol was paid $14,583.33 two days before the league filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday. The league claims to have more than $48 million in liabilities and only $11.3 million in assets after shuttering. (RELATED: Alliance Of American Football Suspending Operations)

What an utter disaster. I can’t wait for the spin zone on this payment from the AAF. So, to make sure I understand the situation correctly: The league didn’t have money to continue, but there was cash lying around to cut Ebersol a check for more than $14,000? Am I understanding?

I’m not even blaming Ebersol for getting himself paid. It’s clear the league was going under, and I’m not the least bit surprised they would try to cash out.

This is just such an awful look, especially with all the negative press around the league.

All we wanted was a nice spring football league we could enjoy during the college and NFL off-seasons. Apparently, that was just too much to ask for. I don’t know why it was, but here we are.

Now, the AAF is going to go through some massive bankruptcy file, and this whole situation only gets dirtier.

My guess is the more we dig into the finances, the more it’ll become clear what a disaster the AAF was behind the scenes. So many of us had such hope. (RELATED: XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck Discusses Johnny Manziel Potentially Joining The League)

Clearly, we were all idiots because the Alliance was nothing but a joke from the moment it started.

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As I’ve said many times and will say again, let’s all hope the XFL isn’t such I joke. I don’t think I can handle two leagues folding.