Mike Mayock’s Daughter Reveals He Takes Draft Binder To The Bathroom With Him

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Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock is taking secrecy to a whole new level.

Mayock and Jon Gruden sent shockwaves through the NFL when they sent all their scouts home over trust issues with only days to go until the draft. Well, it turns out the Raiders GM doesn’t even trust leaving draft information out around his own family. (RELATED: Jon Gruden And GM Mike Mayock Send The Raiders Scouts Home, Not Expected Back For The Draft)

In response the reports of the scouts being sent home, Mayock’s daughter Leigh revealed on Twitter that he takes his draft binder to the bathroom over leaving it around his family.

I love this so much. Mayock is out here treating his draft binder like it’s the nuclear codes. The man can’t even leave it around his family for a few moments when he uses the bathroom.

That’s a football move if I’ve ever heard of one. In my mind, I’d like to believe he even keeps it in a secure briefcase that is handcuffed to his wrist at all times.

Gruden and Mayock clearly aren’t messing around with their three first round picks.

The draft begins Thursday, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gruden and Mayock have something secret up their sleeves. (RELATED: Oakland Raiders Trade For Antonio Brown, Give Him Contract Worth More Than $50 Million)

A potential trade to move up to take Kyler Murray might be in the cards, and it could be the reason they’re being so incredibly secretive.


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No matter what happens, I can promise you the Raiders are going to be entertaining as all hell to watch in 2019. They’re either going to win a lot of games or fail spectacularly. There’s really no middle ground, and I’m here for every single moment of it.