POLL: How Would You Rate The First 2 Episodes Of The Final ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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People are all over the place when it comes to their thoughts on the first two episodes of the final “Game of Thrones” season.

As you all know, I thought Episode 1 was solid and Episode 2 was outstanding. Even in my own office, which is full of “Thrones” fans, people just couldn’t seem to come to an agreement. (RELATED: These Are The Sexiest Photos Of ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Star Emilia Clarke On The Internet)

That caused us to run a recent poll asking people their thoughts, and it only further proved the division among fans of the hit HBO show.

Of the 1,224 voters, 31% said the first two episodes were good, 28% voted average, 22% voted bad and only 19% said the first two episodes of Season 8 were great.

First off, the 22% of people who voted the first two episodes were bad are out of their damn minds. I’m willing to have a discussion with those who said they were average, but I’m not wasting time on anybody who said they were bad. (RELATED: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Returns With Great Season 8 Premiere Episode ‘Winterfell’)

Give me a break. That’s some next-level insanity. Anybody who voted for that option should get an emergency mental health evaluation because they’re not playing with a full deck of cards.

You best believe that. Even if you thought the premiere was bad, the second episode was more than enough to raise the rating to at least an average. That might even be too much grace on my part for allowing average to even be an option.

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Getting just over 30% of people to vote for good is a solid reminder there are plenty of rational fans out there, but we need to get that 19% for great pumped up. That’s a rookie number.

Again, the fact the combined numbers of bad/average and good/great are each 50% just goes to show people are all over the place.

In case any of you are wondering how I would have voted, I would have smashed the great button. The closing moments of the second episode were chilling as we see the white walkers approach.

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Tune in this Sunday on HBO for Episode 3. The battle of Winterfell is going to be unreal, and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on what we’ve seen so far.