NBA Champions Will Get A Bonus Of $240,000 Per Player

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Players on the team that wins the NBA finals will score a massive bonus.

According to CNBC, the winning players will score a bonus of $240,000, which is certainly no small payday.

It may not look like a ton of money to higher-paid NBA players, but it’s far from a small amount of cash. It’s also nearly double the $118,000 NFL players get for winning the Super Bowl. (RELATED: Golden State Warriors Beat The Toronto Raptors In Game 2 Of The NBA Finals)


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You know you’re in a lucrative field of business when your bonus is in the six figures range. These guys already cashing large checks, and the winning squad is going to get a very nice bump when it’s all said and done.

You can pay for one hell of a fun vacation with what’s ever left from the $240,000 after taxes. You can have yourself a hell of a weekend in Las Vegas.


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Now, as I said above, a guy like Steph Curry might not really notice a difference in his pay because he made over $37 million over the past season.

Still, you can’t be too sad with life if you’ve got an NBA championship ring on your finger and an extra paycheck north of $100,000 after taxes in your bank account.

That’s how you know you’re living.

The Warriors and Raptors are currently tied 1-1, and we’ve got game three getting underway Wednesday night. It’s anybody’s series right now.

Tune in on ABC to find out who will take a 2-1 lead after the first through matchups. Should be a fun time as we watch these squads battle their way to a title and another big payday.

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