Maxine Waters Is On A Quest To Find Trump A Nickname — It’s Not Going Well

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California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters went to Twitter Friday to find a new nickname for President Donald Trump.

“Trump is known for calling others disrespectful names, especially women,” Waters tweeted. “It’s your turn now. What name would you call him?”

A significant amount of users responded with answers that were likely not what Waters had in mind.

Waters’ tweet came presumably in response to Trump, who is prone to giving his political opponents nicknames, calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Nervous Nancy” during a Thursday Fox News interview. Trump even has labeled Waters with her own nickname —”Crazy Maxine” — and the California congresswoman has complained about his “name-calling,” saying last March that she “has plenty [of names] for him.”

“Her name is ‘nervous Nancy’ because she’s a nervous wreck,” he told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

While plenty of respondents picked anti-Trump names for Waters to mull over, plenty more did the opposite of what she intended. Here’s a sampling:

Indeed, sights like the below were quite common when scrolling down the list of reactions to her tweet:

In a tweet that garnered close to 4,000 likes as of this writing, Twitter user Steph called Trump “the best [p]resident of my lifetime by a mile.”

Finally, Waters’ GOP opponent, Omar Navarro, responded to her tweet with a plea to help him “defeat” the California congresswoman. (RELATED: Maxine Waters Sounds Off On Impeaching … Mike Pence)

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