Wisconsin Doesn’t Plan On Selling Alcohol In The General Seating Area Of Football Games

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Fans won’t be able to get a cold beer during a Wisconsin football game this upcoming season at Camp Randall.

With more and more schools discussing the possibility of selling beer during football games, I was greatly disappointed to learn fans of the Badgers wouldn’t be among those being able to drink at the games. Yes, you read that correctly. As the rest of the country embraces change and progress, my own school is stuck in the past cement of not selling alcohol. (RELATED: Kansas State Athletic Director Says There Aren’t ‘Imminent’ Plans To Sell Alcohol At Football Games)

A spokesperson for University of Wisconsin Chancellor Rebecca Blank told the Wisconsin State Journal the following at the end of May:

The university believes that there is already an atmosphere of energy and excitement around Badger game days. The addition of alcohol to general seating areas isn’t needed to improve that experience and could detract from it for our students and fans.

Here’s a live look at my reaction to this update from the school:

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It’s worth mentioning here that Barry Alvarez floated the idea of beer sales to get everybody to the game on time. We have no problem filling the stadium, but a lot of people show up late. They want one more beer before going inside.

If we just sold beer, that wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

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How the hell are Barry Alvarez — the man responsible for building up the football program — and Blank not on the same page?

Maybe, just maybe, we should trust the man with multiple Rose Bowls when it comes to building the proper football atmosphere.

I will personally get on a plane tonight, fly to Madison and personally iron this situation out if I have to. I’ll make the calls, I’ll move the money and I’ll get the support necessary to make sure my fellow people in Wisconsin can enjoy their right to a cold beer on a Saturday.

As arguably the most pro-Wisconsin man on the planet, I can promise everybody involved with this bonehead decision they don’t want to get into a standoff with me over beer.

I will fight a million wars on a million different fronts to make sure beer is available to the common man. Wisconsin should just do the right thing and be the face of progress instead of standing in the way. However, if that’s the path chosen by my beloved program, then I will do whatever it takes to get things changed.

My phone is charged up and ready to start making some calls.

Am I a hero for being the man who now must carry this burden on my back with an entire state depending on me? I think Michael Scott has a few words for all of you on that question.

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