2 Tickets To Game 6 Of The NBA Finals Between The Raptors And Warriors Sell For $138,574.42

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tickets to game six of the NBA finals Thursday night between the Raptors and Warriors are absurdly expensive.

According to Darren Rovell, two tickets sold for a combined $138,574.42 to watch the Warriors play at home tonight. That comes out to $69,287.21 per ticket.

My friends, that’s a crazy amount of money. Not only is that enough money for a very nice car, but you could buy a house in parts of the country for that kind of cash.

You know you’ve made it in America when you can drop nearly $140,000 for two tickets to a game for three hours of entertainment. (RELATED: Golden State Warriors Win Game 5 Of The NBA Finals Over The Raptors, Kevin Durant Suffers Achilles Injury)

Most people in America don’t make that in a yearly salary. Yet, some unknown person dropped it without probably a moment of hesitation. That’s a big time move for some kind of big time player.

It’s really going to suck for the person who wrote that check if he’s a Warriors fan and he watches the Raptors hoist the trophy at the end of the night.

Imagine dropping $140,000 and then watching your team lose. Remember, there’s no refunds in this game.

I was wrecked after the Badgers lost the 2015 title to Duke. I can’t imagine how much more upset I’d be if I spent that kind of cash and then watched the Badgers lose.

You can catch game six tonight at 9:00 EST on ABC. We’ll see if the Warriors can tie up the series at 3-3 or if the Raptors will win the first championship in team history.

It should be a great game.

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