Brett Favre Says The Packers Have To Let Aaron Rodgers ‘Play His Game’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Brett Favre thinks the Green Bay Packers need to let Aaron Rodgers just do his usual thing.

There have already been some issues within the organization after it was reported new head coach Matt LaFleuer was going to restrict Rodgers’ control at the line of scrimmage. The legendary gunslinger thinks they should just cut Rodgers loose as normal.


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Favre said the following to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a piece published Saturday when discussing the 2019 campaign amid reports of issues:

I mean, there’s more to the team than Aaron but we all have to admit that when he’s playing and playing well, which generally when he’s playing he is playing well, you don’t want to change what’s working. There’s other factors that you have to work on. So I think you let him play his game and not disturb that very much. And it’s going to be interesting to see if that happens.

I have no idea what the Packers will end up doing, but you know things aren’t going great when it’s only June when the reported problems start. (RELATED: Woman Goes Viral For Awful Chugging Attempt. Is She Still Better Than Aaron Rodgers?)

I’m also not sure Favre is 100% correct here. There’s no question Favre is ultra-talented, but LaFleuer has to be in complete control of the situation.

We all know what will happen if he’s not. Once the new head coach gets things rolling, then they can open things up for Rodgers.

There’s just no reason to rush into that, and I don’t care if the Super Bowl champion doesn’t like it. He gets paid to throw passes. He doesn’t get paid to dictate how the offense should run.

As a Detroit Lions fan, I hope like hell it all falls apart in Green Bay this season. Rodgers isn’t exactly viewed as a super easy guy to work with, and I hope it goes down the drain fast.

Nothing would make me happier. Favre might be correct. He might not be. There’s no way of knowing right now. I just know I’ll be laughing nonstop if it all falls apart again for the Packers star with a new coach.