REPORT: Alex Rodriguez Might Be Getting His Own ‘Business Reality Show’

(Photo credit ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Former baseball player Alex Rodriguez will reportedly not be appearing on “Shark Tank” any longer, as he may be getting his own business show.

Rodriguez, 43, has reportedly signed a deal with NBC to film a “business reality show,” according to a report published Monday by Page Six. However, the move apparently upset executives at “Shark Tank” who decided Rodriguez would not be invited back as a guest, sources said.

“Alex last appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ last fall and before then, he’d been on a bunch,” an ABC source told Page Six. “Everyone really liked him. But he won’t be on the show anymore as he’s been shopping around a show that is very, very, very similar to ‘Shark Tank’ and Sony TV, which makes the show, got wind of this — because Alex’s people had been speaking to everyone in Hollywood.” (RELATED: Alex Rodriguez Is Reportedly Now Investing In Blinds After Photo Of Him On Toilet Goes Viral)

Rodriguez’s new show does not have the same format as “Shark Tank,” a source with NBC connections told Page Six.

“This show was being shopped around — it’s not like ABC was giving Alex his own prime-time spot. Alex loved ‘Shark Tank,’ and the feeling was mutual,” the source told Page Six. “But he already has his show ‘Back in the Game’ on CNBC … this is basically extending his deal with NBC.”

This seems like a good move for Rodriguez. Of course, ABC wants him to be a guest on “Shark Tank,” but having his own show sounds like a much better business venture for Rodriguez. Why be a guest when you could be the star of the show?