Baltimore Ravens Using Rookie Quarterback Trace McSorley As A Punt Returner

(Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports - via Reuters)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The Baltimore Ravens are apparently trying to make rookie quarterback Trace McSorley into a utility player.

According to NFL.com, the team has been letting him practice as a punt returner, which makes virtually no sense at all. (RELATED: Read Penn State QB Trace McSorley‘s Emotional Goodbye Letter After Finishing His College Career)


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McSorley is a passer. He’s not a kick returner. He’s quick and elusive, but he doesn’t have the breakaway speed you want in a PR or KR.

He also tore it up at Penn State for the Nittany Lions as a quarterback. Why the hell would you want him to become a punt returner?

It makes less than zero sense. I understand switching him around a bit due to his great athleticism, but McSorley returning kicks is absurdly stupid.

The Ravens might have Lamar Jackson locked in as the starting quarterback, but that shouldn’t stop them from developing McSorley into a competent backup.

You can’t tell me a guy who dominated the way he did at the college level shouldn’t get a shot at the same position in the NFL. I’m just not buying it.


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I have no idea if McSorley can cut it in the NFL as a quarterback. Only time will tell, but I know for damn sure he’s not a punt returner.

That much is obvious to anybody with functioning eyes.