Richie Incognito Suspended For The First 2 Weeks Of The NFL Season

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Oakland Raiders guard Richie Incognito won’t be playing in the first two games of the season.

Following multiple issues since leaving the NFL when he initially retired, the NFL slapped the talented lineman with a two-game suspension, according to Paul Gutierrez. The decision was made Friday and follows a bizarre arrest at a funeral home after his dad passed away. (RELATED: Oakland Raiders Sign Richie Incognito To One-Year Deal)

He also had to deal with the authorities after an incident at his grandmother’s house, where he allegedly punched a hole in the wall.

All things considered, this could have been a lot worse for Incognito. Two games isn’t that much time on the whole for multiple issues with the law.

The Raiders and Jon Gruden should consider themselves very lucky Roger Goodell didn’t come down much harder on Incognito.

If he had, there’s a high chance the Raiders would have just cut him.


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Now, it’ll be up to Incognito to prove he can still play in the NFL. Prior to retiring after playing with Buffalo, he was a damn good lineman.

Of course, nobody really knows how he’ll be after stepping away from the game for a year. If he can return to his old form, then the Raiders got a major steal by signing him.


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We’ll have to see what happens, but a two-game suspension is virtually nothing.