Unfit To Print Episode 17: Pro-Trump Women Punch Back At CNN’s Biased Questions

Daily Caller

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN tried to bait a group of Republican women into calling President Donald Trump racist, but it backfired when the women fought back.

The video of these women calling out CNN’s Randi Kaye for her biased questioning is an all-time classic, and Daily Caller White House Correspondent Amber Athey shares all of the details on this week’s episode of “Unfit to Print.”


Was the moon landing racist? How about sexist? The New York Times seems to think so, and they’re “celebrating” the 50th anniversary of the U.S. sending the first man to the moon by complaining about the sizing of women’s spacesuits. Are we allowed to enjoy anything? (RELATED: New York Times Article Praises Soviet Union For Diversity In Losing Space Race)


Finally, the media refuses to ask questions about Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s alleged immigration fraud, despite a whole bunch of evidence that suggests she was involved in some serious wrongdoing. Now, everyone who reports on this fact is called a conspiracy theorist! (RELATED: Trump Speaks On Allegations That Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother)


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