The Media Downplays Violent Antifa Attack Against Journalist: Unfit To Print Episode 15

The Daily Caller

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Independent journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa in Portland this past weekend. A few members of the establishment media condemned the attack, but some were silent or tried to downplay the violence.

In the special Fourth of July edition of “Unfit to Print,” host Amber Athey runs through the many journalists who have defended or even cheered on Antifa as they try to violently silence people they disagree with. (RELATED: Meet All The Journalists Who Tried To Downplay Antifa Assault On Andy Ngo)


Meanwhile, The Hill is still using old photos from 2014 to make it look like President Donald Trump is cramming migrant children in cages. In at least two stories about detention centers over the past week, The Hill used photos from during the Obama administration to talk about Trump’s policies.


Luckily, the Fourth of July is the perfect time to celebrate our freedoms and forget about all of the crazy things happening in the political world. In order to help you escape, Amber shares the perfect Independence Day playlist for your sound system.


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