‘Lion King’ Breaks Multiple Box Office Records During Opening Weekend

(Youtube Screenshot: Moviefone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Raf9bVk75s8)

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“The Lion King” reportedly had the best weekend start out of any Disney remake to date.

The Lion King” brought in $185 million domestically during its opening weekend, according to a report published Sunday by The Hollywood Reporter. The worldwide total for the first ten days of screening came to a whopping $531 million. The movie opened a week earlier in China and had earned a total of $97.5 million as of yesterday.

“The Lion King” broke multiple records at the box office this weekend including the biggest domestic opening of a Disney remake. While “The Lion King” remake brought in $185 million in North America, “Beauty And The Beast” brought in the next highest number at $174.7 million, according to THR.

The two remakes are followed by “Alice In Wonderland” with $116 million, “The Jungle Book” with $103 million and “Aladdin” at $95.1 million. (RELATED: Beyoncé, Jay-Z Reportedly Break Royal Protocol At ‘Lion King’ Premiere)

“The Lion King” beat out the “Incredibles 2” for the spot of biggest domestic launch of a PG rated film. It also beat out “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows- Part 2” for the spot of biggest July opening ever.

People were worried that “The Lion King” wouldn’t do well after receiving not too great reviews. However, of course “The Lion King” did well. It’s one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. Regardless of if you’ve seen it before, you’d watch “The Lion King” again.

They could have butchered the remake, and people still would have given glowing exit reviews. People just love “The Lion King.”