‘Yellowstone’ Episode ‘Only Devils Left’ Leads Cable Ratings With 4.7 Million Viewers So Far

Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

“Yellowstone” continued to put up some gigantic numbers with its latest episode on the Paramount Network.

Only Devils Left” got 4.7 million viewers when it aired last Wednesday with the numbers that are known so far, according to a release from the Paramount Network on Monday. The +7 ratings aren’t in yet, which would account for all ratings in a week since the airing, including streaming. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone‘ Is Awesome In New Episode ‘Only Devils Left’)

The 4.7 million viewers led July 17, and the show has seen a “huge ratings increases in key demos compared to season one.”

The latest numbers come on top of the fact season two has just dominated the summer so far. The second episode of the season scored north of five million followers in the Live +7 ratings, and the season as a whole has averaged 4.9 million viewers.

You can expect “Only Devils Left” to get even higher numbers once the Live +7 data gets released.

If you’re not already watching the new season of the hit Kevin Costner show, then you should start immediately.

There’s no question it’s one of the greatest shows ever made, and the fact it’s putting up gigantic numbers is proof of that fact.

Millions of people tuning in every week is proof America is going to be alright and we still know great content when we see it.


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Tune in tomorrow night to catch “Touching Your Enemy.” It’s going to be outstanding.