Steve Kerr Calls Anthony Davis Trade ‘Bad For The League’

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr called the Anthony Davis trade to the Los Angeles Lakers “bad for the league” Wednesday, angering many fans on Twitter.

Kerr went on to describe how players controlling the league is a bad thing, especially because Davis had years left on his original deal and simply said he doesn’t want to play in New Orleans anymore. (RELATED: Stephen A. Smith Describes Kevin Durant’s Reported Back-Stabbing Meeting With Thunder Teammates)

Here are some of his comments:

“When you sign on that dotted line, you owe your effort and your play to that team, to that city, to the fans. And then (when the contract expires) it’s completely your right to leave as a free agent. But if you sign the contract, then you should be bound to that contract. “

“If you come to an agreement with the team that, hey, it’s probably best for us to part ways, that’s one thing. But the Davis stuff was really kind of groundbreaking — and hopefully not a trend, because it’s bad for the league.”

Listen Kerr, I understand you’re regarded around the league as a person who says what’s on their mind, like Gregg Popovich, but you are losing this battle. The team you coach signed Kevin Durant in free agency and you were not having any of that “bad for the league” stuff a couple years ago.

Just when Golden State has to deal with some adversity after Klay tears his ACL and Durant leaves, we see Kerr start whining about the league.

If Kerr cared about the league, he wouldn’t have signed Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins over the last couple years. Instead of talking about how bad the league is, he could have addressed how competitive the league will be for the first time in about five years.


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Maybe Kerr is a little nervous for the upcoming season, as it’s the first time he has to deal with adversity. A truly elite coach can turn adversity into wins – see Popovich last season. Either way, he has a great backcourt in D’Angelo Russell and Stephen Curry, and should be contending for a playoff spot in the stacked Western Conference.