Stephen A. Smith Describes Kevin Durant’s Reported Back-Stabbing Meeting With Thunder Teammates

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ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith informed viewers of Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant’s multiple meetings before his decision to play for the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

On the hit ESPN show “First Take,” Smith described what really went down during the massive free agency decision where Durant opted to move to California. (RELATED: Here’s How Steph Curry Found Out Kevind Durant Was Leaving Golden State: Report)

Thunder and other NBA fans have developed a sort of hatred for the decision as the small forward decided to play for the Warriors after losing to them in the playoffs the previous year. Smith reports that Russell Westbrook, Nick Collison and possibly Royal Ivey were present for the meeting.

Here is the video:

If this is indeed true, this may be one of the most disrespectful stories I have ever heard in sports. After this I definitely align with the NBA fans that disagree with his 2016 decision to ditch his teammates, including Russell Westbrook, following the season.

Durant seemingly handled this situation in the worst way possible and continues to bring drama everywhere he goes. In Oklahoma City, he abandoned an entire fanbase and team who had his back, Golden State, there were several reports via ESPN of disagreements with Draymond Green on the court.

Durant will go down as one of the most incredible scorers in NBA history, but his legacy will continue to be foggy if stories like this continue to leak. This makes me feel so much more pro-Westbrook with the way the point guard handled the situation. When your best friend and teammate lies to your face that means war.


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I cannot wait to see the next time Durant plays the Thunder on the road now. He will definitely be subject to a massive amount of heckling and boos.

Stephen A. Smith is a trusted source within the NBA and if this story holds up, Durant may bring the drama to his new team in the Brooklyn Nets.