Large Group Of Protesters Harass Ted Cruz At LAX

Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot/Naomimonster/https://twitter.com/naomimonster1/status/1155634789095018496?s=20

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A group of protesters surrounded Republican Texas Sen.Ted Cruz at LAX airport over the weekend.

In a video that went viral Monday, the group can be heard shouting “free the children” at Cruz, who can be seen shaking his head. (RELATED: Ted Cruz Won’t Support Trump Closing The Border

The left-wing organization “Voto Latino” tweeted the video, accusing Cruz of supporting locking immigrants in cages.

Those in positions of power must be held accountable for the treatment of children and families at the border. #CloseTheCamps,” the group tweeted.

This is not the first encounter Cruz has had with screaming protesters. The senator and his wife Heidi Cruz were chased out of a Washington, D.C. restaurant last year over his support for the confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Antifa Sends Threatening Message To Ted Cruz After Disrupting His Dinner: ‘You Are Not Safe’)

These type of incidents have become common occurrences, especially when it comes to conservative politicians and public figures. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife were also confronted by protesters at a restaurant last year, shortly after Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Most recently, Eric Trump was spit on last month by a restaurant employee in Chicago. The employee was later detained by the Secret Service.