ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Rips NCAA Over Brock Hoffman Transfer Decision

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter/Sportscenter/ESPN/https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1166943739467751424?s=20

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ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt ripped the NCAA for denying immediate eligibility to a an offensive lineman who transferred in order to take care of his sick mother.

Brock Hoffman transferred from Coastal Carolina to Virginia Tech to be closer to his mother who in 2017 had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Hoffman’s appeal was denied and he will have to wait until 2020 to see the field. (RELATED: Miami QB Jarren Williams Beats Out Martell, Perry For Starting Job)

Van Pelt juxtaposed the NCAA’s decision in Hoffman’s case with the transfers of Tate Martell and Justin Fields to Miami and Ohio State, respectively. (RELATED: Justin Fields Named Starting Quarterback For Ohio State)

“I don’t know the specific reasons that were cited, what the NCAA decided. It’s just a fact that some high profile players from high profile programs switched schools after a year and were immediately made eligible,” Van Pelt said.

Van Pelt is absolutely right and he once again proves he’s the best in the business with his dissection of the NCAA. The NCAA’s transfer rules are completely arbitrary and don’t make any sense. They need to lay out a more clear standard for these players.

By any standard, Hoffman’s case should have qualified him for immediate eligibility. Let’s hope the NCAA reverses this insane decision soon.