Odell Beckham Jr. Says He Will Keep Wearing His Watch During NFL Games

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. has no intentions of taking his watch off during games.

The wide receiver sent shockwaves through the league when he wore a watch valued in the six figures during a blowout loss to the Titans. For those of you who thought he’d take it off going forward after the criticism, you’d be wrong.

“Yeah, that’s just my life. If it ain’t this, it’s something else. If it wasn’t the watch, it would’ve been the way that I tie my shoes…I’ll still be wearing it,” Beckham said when addressing the issue, according to Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com on Tuesday.


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This is such an unnecessary flex from OBJ. It’s also a sign that, once again, he’s focused on things other than just football.

Does wearing a watch that costs the price of a nice boat help the Browns win football games? No. So, why is he doing it then?

It doesn’t make much sense at all, and it’s becoming a distraction. If it doesn’t help win games, then he has no business doing it.

Also, where is the head coach on this issue? Shouldn’t Freddie Kitchens tell him to take it off and start focusing on just football.

It’d be one thing if the Browns were doing fine, but they’re not. They lost by 30 to the Titans to start the season. The Titans!

Do better, OBJ. Do better.