Democratic Rep. Jim Himes Says Iran’s Attack On Saudi Arabia Was Trump’s Fault


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Democratic Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes pinned blame on President Donald Trump for an attack that took place on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities that intelligence officials believe was carried out by Iran.

Himes told MSNBC Thursday that Trump brought the attack on Saudi Arabia because the president terminated the Iran Nuclear Deal last year. (RELATED: Ilhan Omar Tells Trump To Avoid War With Iran) 

“Would the Iranians be behaving themselves? No, they wouldn’t,” Himes said. “But what they’re doing in Saudi Arabia with all of these tankers and all the misbehaving they’re doing, they’re doing because we walked away from an agreement that we didn’t need talk away from.”

“We need to remember that we are where we are is because of the actions of Donald Trump,” he added.


Himes also expressed doubts that Iran was solely behind the attacks that took place over the weekend. (RELATED: President Trump Suggests John Kerry Violated The Logan Act Over Iran)

“Look, I believe that Iran was involved in this. You know, the Houthis don’t have the technical capability to pull off that kind of raid,” Himes said. “We don’t know 100% for sure so we have to be careful about that.”

U.S and Saudi intelligence sources have both pointed to Iran as the culprit of the drone strike against some of the world’s largest oil facilities. President Donald Trump appeared to threaten retaliation against Iran over the weekend, tweeting that the U.S. was “locked and loaded” for a possible response.