‘Absurd Medieval Witchcraft’: ‘Hannity’ Panel Deconstructs Climate Change ‘Lunacy’

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A Friday night “Hannity” panel that included former presidential candidate Herman Cain and Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano reacted to news of people in major cities across the world demonstrating for action on climate change.

Before introducing his guests, Fox News host Sean Hannity ran a clip of Democratic presidential candidates putting “their extremist ideas on full display.”


“Let me just say you named this show liberal lunacy which is exactly what it is,” said Cain. “Liberal lunacy. None of these lunatic ideas by any of these Democrat presidential wannabe candidates will work. Secondly they will probably never pass. You’re not going to have that many crazy people in the House and the Senate in order for them to sign it. That’s just not practical.”

Cain said the fact that the atmosphere has “warmed up 1 degree Celsius” is “not a crisis,” but rather an example of the temperature running “in cycles.” (RELATED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says ‘People Are Going To Die’ If Climate Change Isn’t Addressed)

Morano, author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” compared today’s climate hysteria to the Salem witch trials:

Climate change? They are trying to claim that carbon dioxide is the control knob of the climate. That is not real. They are claiming beyond that, they are claiming that our emissions control, they are claiming that government legislation can somehow alter storms, weather, temperatures, sea level, polar bears. It is the most absurd medieval witchcraft we’ve ever been exposed to. Don’t forget that at the Salem witch trials, the judges were largely educated at Harvard University who believed that witches controlled the weather. They now believe that our SUV, coal plants, plastic straws … If they believe Area 51, maybe they’ll believe that, I don’t know.

“Here’s the agenda,” Cain concluded. “Scare people to death with his witchcraft. Scare people to death with things they cannot prove. That’s what’s going on. They don’t have one tangible idea that the typical voter can go and verify on their own behalf. That why they’re jumping on this lunatic climate — the Earth is on fire fear tactic that they are using out there. That’s their agenda, to try to scare enough people to vote for them.”